Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics (1996)

Listening to Acid Bath for the first time is a revelation that every music nerd should enjoy. At first, you're like, "OK, groovy sludge with croony vocals." Then you notice that Dax Riggs is possibly one of the most capable metal vocalists you've ever heard, and that his lyrics are strangely poetic and, moreover, fucking crazy. Next, you notice that the album gets further and further out there with every song -- it's practically exploding with ideas. All the while, it's slowly dawning on you: this is the stuff of legends. In their short time to together, Acid Bath released a nearly flawless pair of albums that injected gnarly, Southern-style sludge with a sense of melody and musical adventurousness about a decade before bands like Baroness and Kylesa started getting heaps of accolades for doing just that. Features original cover art by Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Track listing:
1. Paegan Love Song
2. Bleed Me an Ocean
3. Graveflower
4. Diab Soule
5. Locust Spawning
6. Old Skin
7. New Death Sensation
8. Venus Blue
9. 13 Fingers
10. New Corpse
11. Dead Girl
12. Ode of the Paegan

I feel every flower that is screaming to consume you
The earth and sky, your cradle
The earth and sky entomb you
So is the way of forever
Teeming with simple cruelties
Beatings in cold rooms
Hands and head not found


  1. Acid Bath is by far my favorite metal band... right next to Pantera and Tool. I always have trouble deciding. But they are my favorite to cover both on guitar and vocals though. Dax Riggs is Absolutely genius... Love these guys!!!