Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life - Life (1973)

Some heavy, downtempo Swedish prog/psych rock. The bluesy psych numbers are balanced by some maudlin, piano-driven, almost Trafalgar-esque songs ("Nobody Was There to Love Me", "Every Man", "Once Upon a Time") and a few really well done instrumental shorts. Good stuff. This reissue presents the album in punchy, remastered form, and tacks on three bonus tracks.

Track listing:
1. Quo Vadis
2. Nobody Was There to Love Me
3. Many Years Ago
4. Experience of Love
5. She Walks Across the Room
6. Sailing in the Sunshine
7. Quo Vadis II
8. Living Is Loving
9. Every Man
10. Experience of Life
11. One of Us
12. Yes, I Am
13. Once Upon a Time
14. Quo Vadis II
15. Jag Fardas (Man's Journey) (bonus)
16. To the Country (bonus)
17. Tro På Vår Värld (Believe in Our World) (bonus)

I touched the sky
And it was smiling at me
As I walked through the door to eternity

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  1. Thank you very much sir, i've lost that album a weeks ago & i was hoping i can still find it around, Otherwise this is a very Progressive release, a recommended piece of art for anyone investigating the late 60's & the 70's Swedish scene,.. & an essential to Jams collectors. Thank you once again for Sharing. //
    Here's the artwork "from bottom to top" x) [800*1600 resolution] :

    Best wishes to you & the nice thoughtful Blog here, it's not easy but... Keep it up!