Saturday, March 28, 2015

Eclipse - Eclipse (1976)

Copped this one, back in the Golden Age of the Blogosphere, from the quite unfortunately defunct Mutant Sounds blog, where I found probably hundreds of genuinely awesome obscurities. I'd link to it, but all (I believe) of its links are dead, making it pretty much torture to look through its archives.

Excellent, out-of-print French-Canadian space rock, with male and female vox, as well as some apparent Eloy influence -- those crescendos into soaring synth solos on "Vision Intérieure"! --  and funky disco undertones. I guess they went full-on disco with their next record; anyone heard it? Is it worth $2?

Track listing:
1. Vision Intérieure
2. Le Rêve De John W.
3. T'aime (voix)
4. La Dernière Fois
5. Pleine Lune
6. T'aime (moog)
7. Qu'Attends-Tu De Mis / Jusqu'Au Premier Ciel
8. Pensée Pour Barbara / Honey #36

Space love


  1. ahh, Mutant Sounds... making me start to feel my age there! Used to get loads of great records of Zamboni Soundtracks as well. Kudos to The Thing On The Doorstep for being still active from that era, just got a great PTV tape there last week.

    This is a great record. Many thanks. Hard to beat Opium Sounds amongst current blogs.

  2. Ahhhh, Mutant Sounds! So much good stuff. If it weren't for him/her/it, I wouldn't have found out about all those lovely "chill wave" early 80s cassette releases on Integrated Circuit Records, like Dave Jones et al.

    But Opium Hum's on a good run, I'm discovering a lot of stuff too! Thanks!!

  3. mutant sounds... torture, indeed. so many awesome blogs, fallen. i'm gonna echo those other two, opium hum is a top blog.

  4. Do you know Heads in the Sky? Your blog is awesome, thanks for the sounds!