Saturday, May 7, 2016

Trou Noir - Echoes in Black Holes (2011)

Mysterious, depressive black metal. From the dissonant, layered guitars to the ghost-like vocals, Trou Noir -- an international project with members from Russia and France -- has much more in common with the queasy sounds of bands like Xasthur, Moon, I Shalt Become and the like, than they do with the more expansive sound that's generally associated with space-themed black metal.

Copped from Mortuus In Somnis. Also, if anyone has a copy of their newest album, Nova, the comments section of this post would be a great place to put a link. Just saying.

Track listing:
1. Funeral Echoes (Part I)
2. Defective Reflections
3. The Tree Into the Void
4. Somnambulistic Searchers
5. The Deneing of Being
6. Black Hole Reverb
7. Nihilistic Moon
8. Echoes in Mirrors
9. March of Leprous
10. Funeral Echoes (Part II)

Black necrotic paleness

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