Wednesday, September 25, 2013

David Darling - Journal October (1979)

Darkly gorgeous debut album by American cellist David Darling. Arguably his finest collection, Journal October is a fully solo endeavor, most of which consists of lush, layered cellos, with some sparse percussive and vocal elements finding their ways onto a few tracks. While the album certainly contains many moments of pure, contented beauty, each track is permeated with a sense of restlessness and sorrow - the persistent chugging in "Slow Return"; the drawn-out, dissonant chords in "Clouds" - that grants Journal October greater emotional and sonic complexity than one might expect from an artist whose last album won the Grammy for Best New Age Album.

Track listing:
1. Slow Return
2. Bells and Gongs
3. Far Away Lights
4. Solo Cello
5. Minor Blue
6. Clouds
7. Solo Cello
8. Solo Cello and Voice
9. Journal October, Stuttgart

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