Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lisa Germano - Happiness (1993)

Her second studio album, Happiness was a watershed moment for Germano. Surpassing by far her debut in every way, it's where her idiosyncratic musical vision first truly congealed -- lushly layered arrangements and a sardonic sense of humor applied to fuzzy, melancholy, alt-rock- and  folk-laced dream pop.

Track listing:
1. Bad Attitude
2. Destroy the Flower
3. Puppet
4. Everyone's Victim
5. Energy
6. Cowboy
7. Happiness
8. The Earth
9. Around the World
10. Sycophant
11. Miamo-Tutti
12. The Dresses Song
13. The Darkest Night of All
14. Energy

You wish it was sunny
But it's not, ha-ha-ha


  1. You are showing the capitol records-version of the album, but the 4AD version track list (the capitol version has a different track sequence and a version of "these boots are made for walking"). Anyway, they're both fine albums

    Thanks for a nice blog!

  2. YA!!! LISA G!! Nobody and I mean NOBODY knows about it possible that I know you OrigPoster? Somewhere in the NW in a dark dark bar.....hahahahahah -- no matter..THNAK YOU-- been a while --- WHAT"S AROUND THE WORLD -- I love this record!!!!