Monday, February 19, 2018

Old Man Gloom - Meditations in B (1999)

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Old Man Gloom - Seminar III: Zozobra (2001)

Chaotic blasts of raging, dissonant post-sludge separated by long stretches of cavernous drone and dark ambient. The first time I heard this I was 17 or 18 and stoned out of my mind, riding in the backseat of a car with two older, cooler metal kids up front, and it blew my fucking head off.

Track listing:
1. Afraid Of
2. Flood I
3. Simian Alien Technology: Message Received
4. Sonic Wave of Bees
5. Sonar Enlightenment Program
6. Rotten Primate
7. The Exploder Whale
8. Poisoner
9. An Evening at the Gentlemen's Club for Apes
10. Vipers
11. Test Result: Alien Ape Distress Signal
12. Flood II
13. Resolving the De-Evolution Concept
14. Scraps Theatre Presents: Confusion in Five Movements

Clenched tight in the fist of God

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Gratzug - Mondtore (2012)

German atmospheric black metal. Icy guitars, not-quite-tight drums, and reverb-drenched howls from over the mountain and through the woods.

Track listing:
1. Der Beginn
2. Leichenkarren
3. Mondtore
4. Mit Finstrem Blick...
5. Frostreiter
6. Gehüllt In Schwarze Wolkenfetzen
7. Leere Seiten

In a bloody night of fullmoon

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DIANA - Perpetual Surrender (2013)

Laid-back, 80s-indebted hipster electropop. With so many bands aiming for a similar sound, Perpetual Surrender unfortunately kinda got lost in the shuffle, which surprised the hell outta me because I heard it before it came out and was positive that it was gonna be huge. Oh well. By the time the sax hits midway through the title track, you'll know where I was coming from.

Track listing:
1. Foreign Installation
2. That Feeling
3. Perpetual Surrender
4. Strange Attraction
5. Anna
6. Born Again
7. New House
8. Curtains

Make this feel like something more
One last time

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lesmentor - ...Sable et Soumise... (2007)

Deranged, mind-melting French black metal. Total anxiety-ridden chaos, with the help of some ghoulish, hallucinatory violin. For people who listen to too much black metal, do too many drugs, or both.

Track listing:
1. [LMDCM]
2. ...Sable et Soumise...
3. SanGcher
4. MuRmUR
5. Outr[age]

When you are a martian church

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Sortsind -
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Savant - The Neo-Realist (At Risk) (1983)

An album of instrumental art rock constructed one piece at a time, meaning that, while many artists contributed to the record, they generally weren't allowed to hear each other's work while tracking their parts, which was done to a click track and based on verbal instructions. It was then pieced together by Canadian experimental musician and project mastermind K. Leimer. More important, though, is that, outside of this intriguing conceptual framework, it's a surprisingly musical, texturally evocative, melodically warped revelation of a record.

Track listing:
1. Using Words
2. Indifference
3. Realist
4. Shadow in Deceit
5. The Shining Hour
6. Knowledge and Action
7. Heart of Stillness

I wore no mask

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Grief - ... And Man Will Become the Hunted (2000)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Grief - Come to Grief (1994)
Grief - Torso (1998)

If this blog lasts long enough, I will end up posting Grief's entire discography -- I'm already halfway there -- because they are, with the possible exception of Eyehategod, the greatest sludge band of all time.

Track listing:
1. Predator
2. I Won't Come Back
3. If the World Was Flat
4. Ostrich
5. Hurricane Jello
6. Down in the Dumps Again
7. No Escape
8. When Rotten Ideas Break Free

No more pollution
No more toxic waste
The solution?
Kill the human race

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Dan Hartman - New Green Clear Blue (1989)

Shimmering new age synth. Dan Hartman spent some time in the Edgar Winter Group way back when, singing vocals on classic rock radio staple "Free Ride". He then went solo and, over the course of the next decade and a half, released a string of (occasionally great) disco and pop records. I don't know what prompted this abrupt leap into ambient music, but it's an absolutely beautiful move, in both theory and execution.

Track listing:
1. Sigh of Relief
2. Romance
3. New Green / Clear Blue
4. The Swan
5. Beautiful Mist
6. Alpha Waves
7. Adrift in a Red Sky
8. Scaramanga
9. Soviet Nights
10. Hope of No End
11. Home

Come on and sit here by my side

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Placebo Effect - Galleries of Pain (1992)

Electro-industrial for a turd world. Terror, violence, and horror synths. There's a song on here where dude is trying to get you to dance by furiously screaming "Move! Move! Your body!" as if he's gonna murder you if you don't.

Track listing:
1. Mystress
2. Intoxication
3. Psychotrauma
4. Poison Tree
5. Brain Entrophy
6. Galleries of Pain (Bloody Pain Remix)
7. Intersection
8. Move (Animation Remix)
9. Psychological Drama
10. Devoid of Soul (Salvitation Remix)
11. Autopsia
12. Agony of Mind
13. Dawn and Death
14. Lumph

Broken mirrors

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Tim Hollier - Tim Hollier (1970)

An obscure gem of beautiful, melancholic, psychedelic folk rock from British singer-songwriter Tim Hollier. It's my understanding that all folk albums of this era were legally required to contain at least one song dedicated to a bird, and "Seagull's Song" takes care of that obligation right off the bat.

Track listing:
1. Seagull's Song
2. Llanstephan Hill
3. And It's Happening to Her
4. Man of Gentle Sunlight
5. Evolution
6. Maybe You Will Stay
7. Would I Sing
8. Love Song
9. It's Raining and It's Cold
10. In This Room
11. Evening Song

Standing on the castle wall, he's shouting at the sea
His rage at finding nothing in the air

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Abysmal Growls of Despair - Eternal Lament (2013)

French funeral doom. Minimal guitars, rich, droning keyboards, slo-mo drumming, and deep, dejected growls, in pursuit of utter desolation.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Eternal Lament
3. Silencing Ensemble
4. Nothing Remains
5. All These Wrong Things
6. Awful Dreams

Trapped in my shallowness
I fall in the mist of death

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Sylvia Robinson - Pillow Talk (1973)

While the rest of the cool kids can stay hating, I personally think it's great to have one day a year where everyone's allowed to drop pretenses and celebrate romantic love, connection in all its many forms, and doing it. Here's a sweet, slowburning, stone classic for facilitating all of those, especially the latter.

Track listing:
1. Pillow Talk
2. Give It Up in Vain
3. Sunday
4. Don't Leave Me Starving
5. My Thing
6. Didn't I
7. Had Any Lately
8. Not on the Outside
9. Coward's Way Out

If you had to make a choice
You'd do it again, and again, and again

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Maxayn (1972)
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Heemat - Platschonk (1998)

Kermania - Kehre Heim... (2014)

German lo-fi, epic black metal. A mysterious (aka muddy) wash of guitars, atmospheric keyboards, thudding drums, and reverb-drenched vocals, channeled through sprawling but vicious songs that reflect the compositional excellence both members would explore further with the great, underrated Kermania.

Track listing:
1. Plastschonk (Intro)
2. Heemat
3. Bergmann Aufgewacht!
4. Sonnenwaerts

A wandering beyond

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Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip (2011)

More-or-less perfect US shoegaze. Colour Trip is what happens when you apply the brevity of punk and the effortless hooks of power pop to gauzy, 90-style shoegaze, then give it a punchy, modern sheen for good measure.

Track listing:
1. Imagine Hearts
2. Do It Every Time
3. So High
4. Two Girls
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Day Dreamy
7. Tambourine Girl
8. Chloe
9. Never Drive
10. You Don't Listen
11. Other Things

Please don't kill yourself

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Alphaxone - Nucleus MS-106 (2009)

Iranian dark ambient. Weightless waves of ethereal synth and vast, shimmering drones, slowly rolling out across a darkened galactic shore.

9 tracks, titled "Structure I" through "Structure IIIIIIIII"


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Monday, February 12, 2018

Infester - To the Depths, in Degradation (1994)

A should-be classic of lysergic, doom-infused US death metal. Muddy guitars, sharp drums, monstrous growls, dissonant leads, and creepy keyboards.

Track listing:
1. To the Depths (In Degradation)
2. Chamber of Reunion
3. Braded into Palsy
4. Epicurean Entrails
5. A Viscidy Slippery Secretion
6. A Higher Art of Immutable Beauty
7. Clouding of Consciousness
8. Excoriation Kills the Bliss
9. Mephetic Exhumation
10. Outro

No one shall miss the secretions from your marrow

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