Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blood Fountains - Floods (2009)

Graceful, etherial drone led by Stephen Kasner. Deeply layered, textural guitars, weightless synths, and angelic singing swirl together into shimmering eternity. He's best known for his work as a visual artist whose darkly evocative paintings have graced many an album cover, including Chaos Is My Name by Khlyst, which I posted two Halloweens ago. Who would've thought that he'd have such beautiful musical ideas, too?

Track listing:
1. Cold Flood/In
2. Head Founds in Aptos
3. Spiritless
4. White Wax Blood
5. Hemming
6. Picture of Time and Space/Out

Empty spaces between filaments

More music for crossing over to the other side:
Constance Demby -
Sunborne (1980)
Nyogtha -
Origin of "I" (2011)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Diabolical Masquerade - Ravendusk in My Heart (1996)

Masterful Swedish black metal courtesy of Anders Nyström (under the pseudonym "Blackheim") of Katatonia. Dynamic songwriting that seamlessly transitions from ripping, thrash-y bits to folk-inspired melodies to straight-up heavy metal ("Under the Banner of the Sentinel") while maintaining a darkly majestic, second-wave core, with a tasteful backdrop of choral keyboards and clean guitars throughout. If I were to list my top 50 favorite black metal records, Ravendusk in My Heart would be a shoe-in.

Track listing:
1. The Castle of Blackheim
2. Blackheim's Quest to Bring Back the Stolen Autumn
3. Beyond the Spiritual Moon
4. The Sphere in Blackheim's Shrine
5. Under the Banner of the Sentinel
6. Blackheim's Forest Kept the Season Forever
7. The Darkblue Seajourneys of the Sentinel
8. Blackheim's Hunt for Nocturnal Grace
9. Ravendusk in My Heart

An arctic domain under a grinning silver moon

Other potential top 50 candidates:
Svartsyn -
... His Majesty (2000)
Nehëmah -
Requiem Tenebrae (2004)

Prophet Posse - Body Parts (1998)

Indo G - Angel Dust (1998)
The Khaze - Kamakazie Timez Up (1998)

Sick-ass Memphis horrorcore/gangsta rap featuring pretty much everyone on the Prophet Entertainment roster at the time. Samples Portishead's "Humming" and the same string source as "Bittersweet Symphony" within the first two tracks.

Track listing:
1. Talkin' Shit
2. Triple Six Club House
3. Murderer, Robber
4. Orange Mound
5. Left 'Em Dead
6. Nothin' But Pimp Shit
7. 'Bout the South
8. Turn into Killaz
9. 'Notha Nigga Car/Clothes
10. Drinkin' n' Thinkin'
11. Wha's Next
12. Favorite Scary Movie
13. Catch a Blast
14. Judgement Night
15. All for One
16. Smoke Out, Loced Out
17. Bullet with Yo Name on It
18. Bitches on My Jock
19. After Dark
20. Life in Bondage

Six shots from the glock, left them dead

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Gangsta Pat -
Deadly Verses (1995)
Kingpin Skinny Pimp -
King of da Playaz Ball (1996)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Drowning the Light - A Pact with Madness (2009)

Darkness Enshroud - Unveiled Ghostly Shadows (1996)
Drowning the Light - Oceans of Eternity (2011)
Wolfblood - A Victory to Echo Through Time (2012)
Harvest - Forgotten Vampyres of the Melancholic Night (2013)

Occult raw black metal from one of Australia's finest. Between its sickly-sounding, out-of-tune guitars, sloppy drumming, all-over-the-place vocals, periodic horror keyboards, and borderline jam-like compositions, A Pact with Madness stands out as a particularly unsettling, draining record in an impressive discography full of them.

Track listing:
1. Chapter I
2. Chapter II
3. Chapter III
4. Chapter IV
5. Chapter V
6. Chapter VI
7. Chapter VII (Closing)

To brown any and all sparks of light
Seems to be the only semi-comprehensive goal

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Atra -
In Reverence of Decay (2011)
Blood Stronghold -
From Sepulchral Remains (2014)

Accurst - Fragments of a Nightmare (2004)

Black metal-infused dark ambient, straight outta Cyprus. With its eerie synths, goblin-like rasps, and surreal atmosphere, Fragments of a Nightmare is just a few creaky doors away from being a scary sounds tape, albeit a really effective one. Shit, there's even some sinister laughter and howling wolves in there.

10 tracks, titled "Fragment #1" through "Fragment #10"

We have an eternity to know your flesh

More along these lines:
Vomit Orchestra -
Macabre Paradigm (2005)
Funerary Call -
Nightside Emanations (2012)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blood Freak - Sleaze Merchants (2003)

Awesomely campy, crushing gore metal from good ol' Portland, OR. One of the dudes from this band periodically comes into my work to sell this and the band's other four albums on CD, and we always pay for them because he seems super-nice, despite the fact that we're sitting on fucking piles of them.

Track listing:
1. Warning
2. Fest of the Undead
3. Blood, Blood, and More Blood
4. Grinding Up the Dead
5. Bloodthirsty Butchers from Beyond
6. Flesheaters from Outer Space
7. The Gruesome Gorehound
8. Infested with Worms
9. The Cult of the Cannibal Freaks
10. I Rip Your Flesh
11. Gobble Up Your Guts
12. Slaughterhouse
13. You Are What We Eat!
14. Werewolf A-Gore-Gore
15. Kill! Kill! Kill!
16. A Brutal Orgy of Ghastly Terror!
17. Awakening the Beast
18. Insane for Gore
19. Untitled
20. I Said... Murder!
21. Dr. Cannibal
22. A Happy Ending

A blood-soaked disaster

If you like this, you should try:
Nunslaughter -
Hell's Unholy Fire (2000)
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition -
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (2001)

Oliver Nelson - Skull Session (1975)

Bone-rattling jazz and jazz-funk led by saxophonist Oliver Nelson, and featuring OPIUM HUM fave Lonnie Liston Smith. Some of you might recognize the opening synth riff on the title track as the main sample from Big Lurch's "Texas Boy".

Track listing:
1. Skull Session
2. Reuben's Rondo
3. 125th St. and 7th Avenue
4. One for Duke
5. Dumpy Mama
6. Baja Bossa
7. In a Japanese Garden
8. Flight for Freedom

Define a transparent dream

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Bob James -
Two (1975)
Herbie Hancock -
Secrets (1976)

Husere Grav - Haunted Tomb / The Great Empty (2009)

US lo-fi ritual dark ambient/drone/black metal. A rumbling mass of unspeakable incantations and unfathomable terrors.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Death Lives There
3. A Luminous Presence
4. Pieces
5. A Doorway
6. Seance
7. Prepare Thy Vessel
8. Ritual Abuse
9. The Great Empty Pt. 1
10. Object of Desecration
11. Ankou
12. The Great Empty Pt. 2

Larvae burrow in my skin

Also listen to:
Equimanthorn -
Lectionum Antiquarum (1999)
Mons Veneris -
Inferno (2005)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Alien Sex Fiend - "It" The Album (1986)

Punk-leaning, experimental deathrock from English underground legends Alien Sex Fiend. My favorite album by this relatively well-known, yet curiously undervalued band -- if you like Chrome, you should be jocking the shit out of this record.

Track listing:
1. Smells Like
2. Manic Depression
3. Believe It Or Not
4. April Showers
5. Wop-Bop
6. Get Into It
7. Lesson One
8. Do It Right
9. To Be Continued
10. Buggin' Me
11. Hurricane Fighter Plane
12. It Lives Again

You smell like shit

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The Tear Garden -
Tired Eyes Slowly Burning (1987)
These Immortal Souls -
I'm Never Gonna Die Again (1992)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Old - Down with the Nails (2006)

Nocturnal - Arrival of the Carnivore (2004)

Killer German black/thrash. Hellhammer-/old-school black metal-worship done so goddamn well, you'll think it's the real thing. Circle pit for Satan.

Track listing:
1. Black Jewel Throne
2. Blood Skull
3. Lust in Red
4. Under the Sign of Death
5. Empire in Flames
6. A Knife
7. Triumph of Hell
8. Scream for Hell
9. Down with the Nails

Deny His name
And praise the horns of death

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Körgull the Exterminator -
Dogs of War (2009)
Occult Burial - Occult Burial (2013)
+ Promo MMXV (2015)

Oneiroid Psychosis - Fantasies About Illness (1996)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Oneiroid Psychosis - Stillbirth (1995)
Oneiroid Psychosis - Garden of Remembrance (1999)
Oneiroid Psychosis - DREAMS (With Pollutions When Virile) (2002)

It's the spookiest time of the year, kiddies. And if you're a longtime reader, you might know what that means: it's time to listen to Oneiroid Psychosis, an absurdly goth-y, synth-driven darkwave band whose music is pretty much the aural essence of Halloween. They have a song called "Midnight Mist", for crying out loud. Fantasies About Illness is their second album, and it's fucking perfect.

Track listing:
1. Psychasthene
2. Assuage
3. Midnight Mist
4. Box
5. Apostasy
6. Influence of Organism
7. Symbion
8. Obscurum Per Obscurius
9. Arise and Pass Away
10. Somnambulus
11. The Micro-Implant Conspiracy

Lying on my bed thinking that I see
Something moving in the corner but it's darkness everywhere

If you like this, try:
Deine Lakaien -
Deine Lakaien (1986)
Lycia - A Day in
the Stark Corner

Mord - Imperium Magnum Infernalis (2006)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Sick - Filth and Ugliness (2005)
Nox Inferi - Adverse Spheres (2008)

Filthy, lo-fi depressive black metal. Harsh, blown-out guitars, ghoulish rasps, and ghostly keyboards. I once sampled "Rise from Hades" for a witchhouse song that, other than myself, only my wife has heard. Band features Malefic, a.k.a. Xasthur.

Track listing:
1. Necrobestiality = Goatworship
2. Occulta Sodomistica
3. In Nomine Sathanas
4. Part I - Summon the Beast, Part II - Seeds of Evil
5. Rise from Hades

Defecating on the holy

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Basilisk - A Joyless March
Through the Cold-Lands
Pyha -
The Haunted House (2008)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Protector 101 - Protector 101 (2011)

Synth-tastic, 80s horror-inspired electro from US producer Jake Freeman. Dance your way to a screaming, blood-drenched early grave. Free/name your price via bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. The Park Plaza Mall
2. Fighting Spirit
3. M.A.R.K. 13
4. Vision
5. Hero
6. Runners
7. Late Night Drive
8. Stalkers

Still he kills

More like this:
Jay Chattaway -
Maniac (1980)
Dan Terminus -
The Wrath of Code (2015)

Omit - Repose (2011)

Powerful Norwegian atmospheric funeral doom. Lushly layered strings, piano, flute, all types of guitars, and crawling, minimal drumming, topped off by vocalist Cecilie Langlie's angelic, downcast singing. Repose strikes a perfect balance of beauty and heaviness, and is a must-hear for any funeral doom fan.

Track listing:
-Disc One-
1. Scars
2. Fatigue
3. Dissolve
-Disc Two-
1. Constriction
2. Insolence

Enter partially devoured
Carelessly divided
Shelter all the shadows altered
Got there last to serve the dark

More gorgeous funeral doom with lady singers:
Funeral -
Tragedies (1995)
Lethian Dreams -
Season of Raven Words (2012)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Residents ‎– 1997: The Missing Year - Adobe Disfigured Night (2009)

Cheap-sounding synths, pounding rhythms, and disturbing, unhinged vocals, in service of unsettling, darkly satirical compositions. In other words, it's everything you should expect from a Residents record.

A ghost story of sorts, "Disfigured Night" is a multi-movement piece that has been released in at least six different incarnations, all of which, I believe, are live recordings. It contains, among many other things, lyrics taken from "We're an American Band", musical elements of "Another One Bites the Dust" and Metallica's "Creeping Death", and an extremely dark, warped cover of "We Are the World".

Track listing:
1. Adobe 1 (2.0)
2. Adobe 2
3. Adobe 3
4. Adobe 4
5. We Are the World

There's a choice we're making

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Golem (1974)
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the Golden Age of Nothing