Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Caducity - The Weiliaon Wielder Quest (1995)

Belgian death metal. Kick-ass old-school brutality with nerdy sci-fi themes and the occasional keyboard and clean guitar passage. It's straight-up absurd how underrated this record and band are.

Track listing:
1. Entry: Thus Begins Our Fair Journey
2. Vision for the Morrigan (Praseodymium)
3. The Whimsical Crafts of Enchantment
4. Strength of Druid Fire
5. Gymbrea's Enriching Wisdom (Part I: The Sorcery of Chaos Hanzwarin); Gymbrea's Enriching Wisdom (Part II: Savouring of the Tricorn Flesh)
6. Gymbrea's Enriching Wisdom (Part III: The Spirits of Crystallyne Faith)
7. With a Dragon's Blaze on Their Banners
8. Civilization of Darklightborne Degradation
9. Aedrio Leriaon (Interweaving the Power)
10. The Witches' Desire
11. So Fair Our Fate, So Sad Our Loneliness (Perfidious in Its Divinity)
12. Impassible Are the Amber Runes of Silken Illusion
13. Let the Soulcrusher Speak... Again

"Dost thou know the Powerwords?
If it is thine wish to pass my world in your journey to the Highest of Places, thou shalt need them.
I need the Powerwords and your right hand as a sacrifice to appease me."

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Larry Coryell - Coryell (1969)

Influential fusion guitarist Larry Coryell has passed along to the great marijuana field in the sky. Coryell is more psych- and blues-rock oriented than one might expect from a man known as a founding member of the jazz fusion subgenre, but it was my introduction to the man's greatness, and it's great in its own right. Plus, I actually started working on this post a couple of weeks ago but got lazy and left it unfinished, so it looks like now's the time.

Track listing:
1. Sex
2. Beautiful Woman
3. The Jam with Albert
4. Elementary Guitar Solo #5
5. No One Really Knows
6. Morning Sickness
7. Ah Wuv Ooh

Full moon and empty spirits rise into flight

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Lotus Eaters - Alienist on a Pale Horse (2001)

Experimental/drone/dark ambient/that kinda thing from a trio consisting of Aaron Turner, Stephen O'Malley, and James Plotkin. Music for staying up late and drifting from reality to reality.

Four untitled tracks

Dark and quiet
We go into quiet time

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Acerbitas - Urkaosets Svarta Vredesdom (2011)

Grav - Mental Illvilja (2011)

Swedish black metal. Slow and trance-like, with a great deal of repetition -- pretty much every part is played like 16 times before moving on.

Track listing:
1. I (Intro)
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI (Outro)
7. VII [Bonus]

Sentenced to a life in hell

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Grav - Mental Illvilja (2011)

Swedish depressive black metal. Layered, clean and distorted guitars, queasy melodies, hoarse vocals, and an overall uneasy, anxiety-ridden atmosphere.

9 tracks, titled "I" through "IX"

I believe in total destruction of all mankind

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Aphoom Zhah - Symbol of New Aeon (2005)

Ass-kicking Belarusian black metal. Thick guitar tones, pissed-off-sounding vocals, and some punk overtones -- "Into the Crystal Lap of Paradise" wouldn't sound out of place on an Echonochrist record -- performed with industrial-like precision.

Track listing:
1. Flowers for the Dead
2. Symbol of New Aeon
3. Crystal-Clear Satanic Hate
4. Cold Kiss of Autumn
5. The Unknown
6. Into the Crystal Lap of Paradise
7. Thy Time Is Forever

A gate made of a thousand Christian skulls
Shaped by the fires of hell

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James Bernard - Atmospherics (1994)

Trance-inducing ambient-synth pieces by UK producer James Bernard. Textural, lushly layered synths, distorted snippets of dialogue, and an echoing, delay-heavy feel that might remind some of ye olde dub-electro.

Track listing:
1. Euph
2. Complete Nonsense
3. Helix
4. Phosphorous
5. Mars Rain
6. Lost in It
7. FM
8. Odyssey
9. Genetic Experiment


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Ah Cama-Sotz - Terra Infernalis (1999)

Unsettling, industrial-leaning dark ambient from German artist Herman Klapholz. A slow-building storm-cloud of drifting synths, stabs of white noise, anxious drum loops, ghostly drones, cryptic spoken word passages, and various other otherworldly sounds.

Track listing:
1. Ce Carnage Démoniaque
2. Rite and Belief
3. Look for Graves with Holes in Them (L'Ame du Crime Remix)
4. Narbukh
5. Empty Souls
6. Vio-Lence and Vivi-Section
7. Look for Graves with Holes in Them
8. None of This Is True
9. Ill-Letrik
10. Zostrah

Empire of disease

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Satanic Bloodspraying - At the Mercy of Satan (2012)

Bolivian black metal. Artless, butt-simple and Satanic. Satanic Bloodspraying are all about going from the fast one-two blast to the slow blast, and this is the way to my cold, dead heart.

Track listing:
1. Draining Blood
2. Satanic Skullfuck
3. Tetragrammaton
4. Necro Dominatrix
5. March of the Dead
6. Wrath of Baal
7. The Day the Earth Stood Still
8. At the Mercy of Satan

Your skull and spine I claim as my prize

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Geotic - Mend (2011)

Absolutely gorgeous ambient music from Will Weisenfeld, who's perhaps best known for his Baths project. Each vignette-like track plays more-or-less the same -- fade in, warm, grainy guitars chime brightly over a cloud of weightless synths, fade out -- making them feel like they're all part of the same train of thought. Reinforcing this are the track names, which read like a poem when read sequentially.

Mend truly is one of the sweetest, most comforting albums you're likely to hear. And the fact that he put it on his bandcamp for pay-as-you-will just makes it sweeter -- it's like he wants to give the world a beautiful gift.

Track listing:
1. Unwind
2. Beaming Husband
3. Find Your Peace
4. Time Passes in a Slow Sundown
5. Disrobe and Come to Bed
6. Get Held
7. Sleep and We'll Transition
8. Into Some Spirit World
9. Our Awe
10. The Sprawling, Glorious Newness
11. I'll Have Come and Gone with You
12. Through the Lush and Undiscovered
13. And Upon Awakening
14. We've Mended

Hold me closer than that

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Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectère Me (1993)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Abruptum - Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae (1997)

IT, original vocalist for Abruptum, has moved on to the great, black unknown. Here's the album that introduced me to Abruptum's uncompromising vision of ugly, dissonant aural nothingness. Thank you for the unearthly noises, IT. If you have time, please send us emanations from the void.

Two tracks, "Part I" and "Part II"

First, there was darkness
Then came the strangers

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wildhoney - Wildhoney (2013) + Seventeen Forever (2014)

Two sugary lil' slices of pop-y, upbeat shoegaze courtesy of Baltimore's own Wildhoney. Immersive, towering guitars, angelic vocals, and a peppy rhythm section that helps to give the band a fun, new wave-y undercurrent.

Track listing:
1. Like Me
2. My Disguise
3. Super Stupid
-Seventeen Forever-
1. Seventeen
2. Get Out of My Dreams
3. Soft Bats

Fall in

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Draugar - From Which Hatred Grows (2003)

US lo-fi depressive black metal. Muddy keyboards, static-y guitars, muffled drums, and blown-out vocals. Total esoteric aural misery.

[EDIT: Whoops, forgot the link. Fixed.]

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Uncontrollable Despair
3. Born
4. Dust Chains Idiots
5. The Stab of Sunrise
6. Honor Is Ash
7. The Slow Spiral
8. Lonely Corners of Existence
9. Futile Menace - Outro

Shit reality

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Lawrence - Lawrence (2002)

Immaculate deep house/minimal techno from German producer Peter M. Kernsten. A glimmering haze of short loops building and receding over simple, insistent beats, to mesmerizing, oddly moving effect.

15 untitled tracks

White horizons

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hiatus - El Sueño de la Razon Produce Monstruos (1995)

Raging Belgian crust/d-beat. Raw, heavy, and with just enough variation to keep things fresh without ever sounding anything but pissed-as-fuck.

Track listing:
1. Destroy Me
2. Time Is Money
3. Discliché
4. Good Luck
5. Raw Screen
6. Shut That Big Mouth
7. God Is Cool
8. Vacant Not Empty
9. Overwhelmed
10. Cramped for Space
11. Hell Is Near
12. Opposites
13. Mr. Innocent
14. Pathetic Sounds
15. Let Derby Punk

Let Jesus fuck you

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