Friday, July 20, 2018

Richard Burmer - Bhakti Point (1987)

Lush new age from US composer Richard Burmer. A soothing, texturally rich mix of organic and synthesized sounds.

Track listing:
1. Bhakti Point
2. Nightland
3. A Book upon the Crossroads
4. The Turn Again
5. Reunion
6. Little Dreamer
7. Willow Song
8. Closer Than Love

Under shaded water

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Castrum - Black Silhouette Enfolded in Sunrise (1998)

Croatian symphonic black metal. Evil, majestic, and true black art with a grainy, analogue sound.

Track listing:
1. Weeping Inside Plagued Mirrors (Burial of Ashen Bride)
2. A Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares - (Opus I - Veiled with Threads One Age Before / Opus II - Infernal Howling Through Pathless Silence)
3. Black Silhouette Enfolded in Sunrise
4. Tears of Piano
5. On the Wings of Dark Angel
6. Beyond the Mountains of Frozen Spell
7. Obscurity Within Funeral Moon
8. For Those Wistful Moments in Mist

Sublime moon ascends
Impure as my soul

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Brick - Good High (1976)

Supreme Atlanta funk with strong disco vibes and an ever so slightly jazz-y aftertaste. Starts off strong, then just gets better and better. Get in the groove.

Track listing:
1. Here We Come
2. Music Matic
3. Dazz
4. Can't Wait
5. Southern Sunset
6. Good High
7. Brick City
8. Sister Twister
9. That's What It's All About

Make it super cool

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hellfire Deathcult - Culto a la Muerte (2016)

Crushing, filth-encrusted US black/death. Down-tuned guitars, a constantly rotating selection of blastbeats, and an ever-present fog of reverberating growls. What's that you say, you're sick of cavernous black/death metal? Well, I'm fucking sick of people saying they're sick of cavernous black/death metal, so how 'bout you go listen to the new Deafheaven (which I actually hear is really good, somehow) and stay the hell off my lawn.

Track listing:
1. Summoning Forth the Coming Holocaust
2. Thy Holy Kingdom Ablaze
3. Ancient Ceremonial Death Ritual
4. Bathe in the Blood ov Christ
5. Profanation ov the Divine Whore
6. Black Mass Invocation
7. Apocalyptic Terror Assault
8. Black Death Worship
9. Cleansed by the Black Flame

Subjecting Christ to a good-natured ribbing

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Kriegshög - Hardcore Hell EP (2008)

10 minutes of unrelenting Japanese raw d-beat noise.

Track listing:
1. Kriegshög
2. Zouo/Rotten
3. Nuclear Blood Rain
4. Trapped
5. Battlefield

Grim, terrifying, and frankly, repulsive visions of nuclear war

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Freddie North - Cuss the Wind (1975)

Oh hey hello there everybody. I went to the beach for a week and a half, and had anticipated doing a post or two while there, but like last year, I got sucked into a world of sun and frozen drinks, and just didn't feel like doing any of these dumb write-ups. However, I put this melancholic, should-be-classic album on late one night on the porch, and made a mental note to post it on here when I got back.

Track listing:
1. Cuss the Wind
2. My Whole World Ended
3. Love to Hate
4. Sun Comes Up
5. Gotta Go Get Your Mommy
6. I Loved Another Woman
7. Oh Lord, What Are You Doing
8. Rainy Night in Georgia

I feel like it's raining all over the world

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Born Against - Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children (1991)

Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children isn't the hardcore record we deserve; it's the hardcore record we need. Happy 4th, the country's a dumpster fire.

Track listing:
1. Mount the Pavement
2. Shroud
3. By the Throat
4. Nine Years Later
5. Test Pattern
6. Mary & Child
7. Jock Gestapo
8. Organ of Hope
9. Well Fed Fuck

Hello shit. We're Born Against, so suck my fuckin' lizard.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Mons Veneris - As 4 Submersões No Corpo Diabólico (2013)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Mons Veneris - Inferno (2005)
Mons Veneris - ... To Rape the Nazarene (2006) + Abismo a Céu Aberto (2006)

A four-tape collection of ritual drone from the great Mons Veneris. Almost four hours of dissonant organ, horror synths, feedback, scraping violin, and rumbling harsh noise. This has been my white whale for literally years, and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that I've found it.

Track listing:
1. Inspiração I
2. Submersão I
3. Exalação I
4. Submersão II
5. Inspiração I
6. Submersão III
7. Exalação II
8. Submersão IV

Tomo I - Tomo II - Tomo III - Tomo IV

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I (1984)
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Robedoor / Husere Grav (2008)

Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked (2004)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Boris - Amplifier Worship (1998)

Raw guitar-drone abstractions. The first two tracks glean strange, vicious beauty from feedback and harsh noise as only Boris can, while the third and final track -- a blown-out, extremely down-tuned, extended gaze into the lightless void -- is drone-doom in its purest, most minimal form.

Track listing:
1. Scene 2
2. A Bao A Qui
3. 見せ続ける死角 - The Dead Angle Which It Continues Showing

The evil one which sobs

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bestial Mockery - Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw (2002)

Swedish black/thrash insanity. 100% full-tilt ragers, with a punk-ish, no-fucks-given approach.

Track listing:
1. Bestial Warfare
2. Suicide Blasphemy
3. Bestial Satanic Sacrifice
4. Crucified in Dirt
5. Warfuck
6. Morbid Invertation
7. Chainsaw Inkarnated
8. Raise the Chalice
9. Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw
10. Final Attack

Breaking the bones of Christ
Smashing the face of God

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Mark Shreeve - Ursa Major (1980)

Redshift - Redshift (1996)

A mysterious universe of pure, cosmic synth perfection from British musician Mark Shreeve. One of those albums that sounds exactly the way I had hoped it would upon seeing its artwork.

Track listing:
1. High Depths: a. Catacombe
2. High Depths: b. Freedom
3. Standard x 10
4. Ancestral Watch
5. Ursa Major
6. Ursa Minor

After the silence

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Weedeater - Sixteen Tons (2002)

Some of the greatest stoner sludge ever made. Riffs on riffs on riffs on riffs -- there's even a song called "Riff" -- concrete-heavy tone, and one of the most underrated vocalists in the game. Relatedly: highly quotable lyrics. Some people seem to think they're a joke band or something because of the name, but this is some real deal, grimy shit.

Track listing:
1. Bull
2. PotBelly
3. Time Served
4. Dummy
5. #3
6. Woe's Me
7. Buzz
8. Lines
9. Riff
10. Kira May

You want it?
You got it
The absolute best in town
I'm all broke down
Load me up, one more go-around

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dot(.) -
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Source - Organized Noise (1993)

Phenomenal 90s acid trance/techno from Swedish producer Robert Leiner. Insistent, propulsive beats alongside sculpted drones, samples, and fragmented synths.

Track listing:
1. Vagator
2. Eclipse
3. Neuromancer
4. The Real Thing
5. Squeeze
6. Analysis
7. Release It
8. Beyond Time

Mental resurrection

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(A Red Planet Compilation)

Friday, June 29, 2018

Kataklysm - The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation (1992) + The Vortex of Resurrection (1993)

Two stellar demos of brutal, epic death metal from the Canadian masters of the hyper-blast. I dig some of their later, more melodic stuff, too, but the early demos, EPs, and first two albums pretty much can't be topped.

Track listing:
   The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation
1. Frozen in Time
2. Mystical Plane of Evil
3. Shrine of Life
   The Vortex of Resurrection
1. Mould in a Breed
2. Whirlwind of Withered
3. Feeling the Neverworld
4. The Orb

The one-eyed typhoon absorbs the sky

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Tripping Daisy - Tripping Daisy (2000)

Fourth and final album of sunny, psychedelic alt rock from Tripping Daisy, completed and released in the wake of the death of guitarist/multi-instrumentalist West Berggen. Their most dynamic and adventurous record, Tripping Daisy was, in spite of the sadness surrounding it, a hell of a high note to go out on, and with only 500 copies ever made, one of the most glaringly obvious candidates for a reissue I can think of.

Track listing:
1. Community Mantra
2. Kids Are Calling
3. Stella Is a Planet
4. Soothing Jubilee
5. Drama Day Weekend
6. Tragiverse
7. Jim's Longtime Voice
8. One Through Four
9. You First
10. I Am Good
11. Halo Comb
12. This Cradle Song
13. Foot Dance
14. The Sudden Shift Worried Him

You will know for sure

The Boo Radleys -
Giant Steps (1993)
Matthew Sweet -
Kimi Ga Suki (Raifu) (2004)