Friday, March 1, 2019

Ancient Methods - First Method (2007) + Second Method (2008)

Two EPs of anxious, dense techno. Foreboding drones, swaths of glitchy industrial noise, and distorted rhythms.

Each record contains four tracks, all untitled.

Steel on the skyline
Sky made of glass
Made for a real world
All things must pass

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  1. Looking forward to seeing if I fall into a grief-stricken stupor from these records as I do from Heathen's title track

    1. You definitely won't. Unless industrial-tinged abstract techno makes you really sad for some reason. Those lyrics just popped into my head for some reason while listening. I do absolutely love that song and album tho.

  2. This looks right up my musical alley! Never come across them before. Looking forward to listening. Many thanks.