Thursday, March 7, 2019

Forgotten Tomb - Love's Burial Ground (2004)

Italian black/doom metal. One of my favorite records of its kind. The vocalist actually achieves the kind of desperate, on-the-brink feel that so many DSBM vocalist reach for but come up short, and even when the band slows it down, which is often, they're playing like their instruments are responsible for all that's wrong with the world. Also, riffs.

Track listing:
1. Malus Vivendi Pt. I (Intro)
2. Kill Life
3. Alone
4. House of Nostalgia
5. Malus Vivendi Pt. II (Intermezzo)
6. Love's Burial Ground
7. Slave to Negativity
8. Forgotten Tomb MMIII
9. Malus Vivendi Pt. III (Outro)

I'm just waiting to piss on your desecrated tomb

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