Monday, March 4, 2019

Abigor - Fractal Possession (2007)

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Well, shit. I was gonna share one of my favorite black metal records to celebrate the arrival of my 666th follower, but now that I'm getting around to it, I've already racked up another two (2!) followers. I really can't keep up with my own massive, ever-growing popularity. Now I know how Kurt Cobain felt.

My skyrocketing fame aside, here's this fucking crazy album by the great Abigor, a band responsible for some of the best black metal in existence. Abigor's first record following the return of founding member Thomas Tannenberger, Fractal Possession continues the high-tech, outer space aesthetic that began on the band's previous record, but IMO it's an improvement by every possible measure. An abundance of studio trickery -- the EQ decay in "Injection Satan" is a great example -- and the sheer precision of performance makes it feel almost like industrial metal, but really, this album's completely in its own lane.

Track listing:
1. Warning
2. Project: Shadow
3. Cold Void Choir
4. Lair of Infinite Desperation
5. 3D Blasphemy
6. The Fire Syndrome
7. Injection Satan
8. Liberty Rises a Diagonal Flame
9. Vapourized Tears
10. Heaven Unveiled

Oh, grand machine of desperation
Deliver thy sermon

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  1. Thank you for this share! you should check the review on MA, from a guy who put 0% on this album! ahah.. WTF?

    1. "Honestly, I was very much prejudiced against this album." Strong start.

  2. This rules. It reminds me somewhat of a black metal version of Pestilence "spheres", which to me is a compliment, ha

  3. Holy shit how have I ignored this band for this long. Your page rules, thanks you

  4. Man, thanks again for continuing this blog. Its such a throwback to the time when there were a bunch of cool blogs like this, and it made me really sad when most of them gave up. Hell, even i did that. I have a youtube channel now instead, but i liked blogging a fuck of a lot more.