Thursday, March 7, 2019

M - The Official Secrets Act (1980)

English new wave/synthpop from English musician Robin Scott. Fun, bouncy, whimsical-sounding songs with angry, politically-charged concerns. A great soundtrack for the relentless shitscape that is my life right now (jk it's not that bad I just have no days off ever.)

Track listing:
1. Transmission
2. Join the Party
3. Working for the Corporation
4. Your Country Needs You
5. Mayday
6. Relax
7. Maniac
8. Keep It to Yourself
9. Abracadabra
10. Official Secrets

Working, working, working, working

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  1. Damn brilliant slice of politically charmed electro pop! Blows away his Pop Musik stuff by a mile. Had no idea Mr. M was capable of making such a album. Thanks once again for the share!