Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Vucub Cane - Sacrificial Hatred Rituals (2012)

Putrid, noise-fucked US raw black metal in the dissonant, obscenely lo-fi LLN tradition. Sacrificial Hatred Rituals collects everything the project has put out thus far, which amounts to four demos and a comp track, and is possibly the most lo-fi, incomprehensible mess I've ever posted on here. Is "The Gate of Nanna" the most covered black metal song of all time?

Track listing:
1. The Sacred Triangle
2. Voices of the Mourning
3. On the Wings of the Sphynx
4. Evocation
5. Descend the Flesh
6. Transformation of Holy Water
7. Hail to Thee Who Overthrows Mankind
8. Becoming One of the Ancients
9. Worship
10. Eternal Hatred of the Human Race
11. The Gate of Nanna [Beherit cover]
12. ... March
13. Forest/War

The dream descends to the region of the moon

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  1. Ooh this is pure filth...in a good way! --PC

  2. this came out last year too... https://mortuusinsomnis06.blogspot.com/2019/01/vucub-cane-frozen-black-hallucinations.html

    1. Oh nice. I actually wrote this post like two years ago and found it while digging through my drafts, didn't bother to check back in for some reason. Thanks!

  3. Wow, for about the first time ever, I think I might have found a record that goes too far for me. Messed up stuff.