Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Swarm of the Lotus - When White Becomes Black (2004)

Extremely heavy Baltimore metalcore/sludge. Dissonant, apocalyptic riffs and shrieking, paranoid vocals. My old band did a brief tour with Swarm of the Lotus and Magrudergrind (and at least one other band whose name I forget) the year that this came out, and it was kinda just OK, as at the time SOTL was the only band on the bill that anyone gave a shit about. But their vocalist/guitarist did give me a picture disc 7" on the last day despite our having never spoken so that was pretty cool.

Track listing:
1. Cherry Chocolate Salamander
2. Committed to Ash
3. Strength of Inner Eyes
4. Volatile
5. From Embers
6. Seeing Truth
7. Serpent Within
8. An Ocean of Fire
9. Episode Infinity
10. Burn Autumn Burn
11. Stained Glass Oubliette

Not a speck of life

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