Sunday, March 3, 2019

Off Minor - The Heat Death of the Universe (2002)

Classic screamo. The Heat Death of the Universe has it all: jerky, off-kilter time signatures, angular guitar dissonance, lots of hoarse, pained shrieks, and long song titles. Some of the more thoughtfully composed clean guitar work I've heard on a screamo record, and it's a good thing, too, because those parts constitute about half of the album. [EDIT: The two-period ellipsis that originally ended this post was a typo. I would never, and how dare you think that I would.]

Track listing:
1. The Heat Death of the Universe
2. This Is a Hostage Situation
3. It's a Beauty
4. Punch for Punch
5. The Transient
6. Staring Down the Barrel of Limited Options
7. Spartan
8. Monday Morning Quarterbacks
9. Off Minor

Ghosts of shadows passing on city streets

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  1. Complete and total classic. Btw the last track is a thelonius monk cover.