Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pole - CD 1 (1998)

Dub-y, glitch-y, borderline ambient sounds from a Berlin-based producer. An impressive work of texture and subtle, slow-burning intensity.

Track listing:
1. Modul
2. Fragen
3. Kirschenessen
4. Lachen
5. Berlin
6. Tanzen
7. Fremd
8. Paula
9. Fliegen

I see my mother

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Vehementer Nos - Vehementer Nos (2007)

Lesmentor - ...Sable et Soumise... (2007)

French progressive black metal. Epic, intricately written songs with twists and turns galore, but never at the expense of compositional cohesion, and with a touch of piano and strings to class that shit up.

Track listing:
1. Contre le Cycle
2. Les Devastes
3. Absurde
4. Seuls
5. Dans le Flot

Carrier of wounds

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Arto Lindsay & Ambitious Lovers - Envy (1984)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Arto Lindsay - Noon Chill (1998)

Weird, angular art pop fronted by the great Arto Lindsay. Some buoyant Latin percussion here and there, as well as a snapshot or two of the laid-back tropicália that would come to define Lindsay's solo work.

Track listing:
1. Cross Your Legs
2. Trouble Maker
3. Pagode Americano
4. Nothings Monstered
5. Crowning Roar
6. Too Many Mansion
7. Let's Be Adult
8. Venus Lost Her Skirt
9. My Competition
10. Badu
11. Dora
12. Beberibe
13. Locus Coruleus

Your generosity is too close to cruelty

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Malediction - IX Sorcerers (2011)

French black metal. Cold, ritualistic sounds that aren't anyone's idea of new, but composed and performed with dedication and passion. Because sometimes, we all need help breathing new life into our relationship with The Dark Lord.

Track listing:
1. The Supreme Order
2. Impure and Profane
3. Children of the Black Sun
4. Visions
5. Hatred Phenomenon
6. IX Sorcerers

Drink the devil's blood

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Affinity - Affinity (1970)

Totally sweet, ornate old-school prog/psych with a breezy, at times jazzy feel, fueled by the powerful, melancholy-tinged voice of singer Linda Hoyle.

Track listing:
1. I Am & So Are You
2. Night Flight
3. I Wonder If I Care as Much
4. Mr. Joy
5. Three Sisters
6. Coconut Grove
7. All Along the Watchtower

You can wind him up
He'll do anything you want him to

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Deathpile - Agonize Humiliate Destroy (1996)

Raw harsh noise apocalypse. Anxiety, manipulation, terror, and violence.

Track listing:
1. Agonize Humiliate Destroy
2. Cunt Meat
3. The Structure and Function of Pain
4. Total Control
5. Atrocity
6. To Have and to Hold
7. Beyond Pain, Beyond Pleasure
8. Desolate
9. Anthrovivisection

All mine

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Epicardiectomy - Abhorrent Stench of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration (2012)

Gore-and-puke-soaked Czech brutal slam wrapped in the intestines of the tortured. I know it's redundant to call this "brutal," but... goddamn, this album is fucking brutal.

Track listing:
1. Fornicating in Pulverized Feces
2. Vaginal Colony Full of Vermin
3. Gobbling the Erupted Intestinal Mush
4. Phallus Decapitation
5. Catheteric Hacksaw Urethral Dissection
6. Ulcerous Cadaveric Decrepitation
7. Feasting on Putrid Hysterectomy Remnants
8. Defleshed and Wormed

Gobbling and puking with the erupted guts
Mixed with fountains of belch and blood

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Yob - Cathasis (2003)

Perfect, god-level psychedelic doom. A massive, riff-powered trip through a black hole and into the great beyond. Catharsis was the first Yob album I ever heard, and, all these years later, it remains not just my favorite of theirs, but one of my absolutely favorite doom metal records, period. I'm aware that everyone already knows this band, so I will be using the fact that they're gearing up to release a new album as my excuse for talking about their (already well-covered) back catalogue.

Track listing:
1. Aeons
2. Ether
3. Catharsis

10 billion eyes
Yet only one sees

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Aquilus - Engraved Souls (2005)

Australian symphonic black metal. Their first demo, Engraved Souls finds Aquilus swinging for the fences right out of the gate with an epic, neoclassical-heavy, six-movement song suite. Each piece is totally linear in structure, moving relatively rapidly from idea to idea, but with a consistency and convincingly symphonic compositional approach that helps them to avoid sounding scatterbrained. It's also almost completely instrumental, with long metal-free stretches, which gives the heavier sections an added sense of significance.

Track listing:
1. 1st Movement - The Dead Badger
2. 2nd Movement - Meadows End
3. 3rd Movement - A Mosaic
4. 3rd Movement - In Memoriam
5. 4th Movement - Emancipated
6. 5th Movement - Aubade
7. 6th Movement - Hallowed Sleep
8. 6th Movement - The Late Shadow

I arose from the dream and you were gone
Still embracing ashes of what never was

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Clear Horizon - Clear Horizon (2003)

Flying Saucer Attack - Flying Saucer Attack (1993)
Flying Saucer Attack - Further (1995)
Jessica Bailiff - Hour of the Trace (1999)
Northern Song Dynasty - Northern Song Dynasty (2002)
Synrinx & Jessica Bailiff - Fear of the Red Admirals (2011)

Entrancing, ambient psych folk/space rock. Clear Horizon was a one-off collaboration between Jessica Bailiff and Dave Pearce of Flying Saucer Attack, and that's exactly what it sounds like.

Track listing:
1. Watching the Sea
2. Death's Dance
3. For Days
4. Sunrise Drift
5. Millenium Blues
6. Distortion Song
7. A Child's Eyes
8. Dusk
9. Open Road

You were so close

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kraanium - Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity (2008)

Gross Norwegian brutal death metal. I've been listening to hella offensive brutal DM lately, and have been thinking: with members of so many relatively inoffensive bands getting outed for committing deplorable acts IRL -- Inquisition, Young and in the Way, Seven Sisters of Sleep -- I just can't get upset about offensive content in metal right now. Obviously, misogyny, transphobia, and the like are all fucked no matter how they are manifested, but against a backdrop of actual child porn and sexual assault, ignorant torture metal just doesn't seem so bad.

Track listing:
1. Stench of Putrid Innards
2. Perverted Sensation
3. Rectal Disembowelment
4. Midget Fucker
5. Zombified Infanticide
6. Pentagrandma
7. Excremental Maniac
8. Human Flesh Devourment
9. Shemale Throatfuck
10. Double Barrel Penetration
11. Horrendous Torture

Munching on the brain of your newborn child

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Kraan - Wintrup (1973)

German krautrock/jazz-rock. Jerky rhythms with their own sense of off-kilter groove, and some gleefully bizarre, almost Mike Patton-esque vocals.

Track listing:
1. Silver Wings
2. Mind Quake
3. Backs
4. Gut und Richtig
5. Wintrup
6. Jack Steam

Son of the sun

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Mordaehoth – Bloedwraak - Verdoem Al 't Christelijk Leven (2003)

Dutch lo-fi, viking-infused black metal. Fuzzed-out guitars, vicious screams, and epic, multi-tracked singing, held together by warm, blown-out analogue production.

Track listing:
1. Oskorei
2. Walburga's Nacht
3. Verdoem Al 't Christelijk Leven
4. Laatste Dagen Van Een Oud Pantheon
5. Wodans Zonen
6. Liederen Van Het Onterfde Land

Riding on the wings of the wind
Towards the spectral blaze ahead

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The Shining Swords of Hate (2000)
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Born to Die for Evil (2002)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hollow Earth - Dog Days of the Holocaust (1996)

Yen Pox - Yen Pox (1993)

Pure, anti-musical dark ambient. Hollow, monolithic drones from the end of our world.

Track listing:
1. Floor of Hell
2. Scrawled in Blood
3. Rape Machine
4. Whispers of Hatred
5. Probe

Death! Death! Death!

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In the Nursery - When Cherished Dreams Come True (1983)

English post-punk. Sonically sparse and compositionally minimal, with vocals evoking emptiness and isolation. Very different from the industrial-based sounds they'd pursue from here on out.

Track listing:
1. Patter
2. Atoi
3. Mystery
4. Remain
5. Stonesouls
6. Execution's Romance

Where is the pleasure?

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