Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mirror - I Paint for the Love of Color (2001)

Spacious, queasy drone, recorded live. Distant white noise, controlled high-end feedback, glacial drones, arhythmic knocks/clicks/wheezes, and a constant, distant sound that reminds me of a bunch of bats squeaking and flapping around at the heart of a cave, as recorded from outside of the cave. Yes, I'm high, why do you ask?

EDIT: As two of you pointed out, yes, I was high enough to forget to make a link. Turns out I didn't even upload the file. Whoopsy-daisy. It's fixed now, my bad.

Two untitled tracks.


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  1. Too high to provide a link? Ha-Ha!!

  2. I wish I was as high as you - cuz you didn't leave us a link, buddy! Woot!

  3. Keep posting ambient music material, pal. Thanks!

  4. Hi this link is expired could you please reupload?