Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jan Garbarek - Esoteric Circle (1969)

Got a request for more Jan Garbarek and Terje Rypdal, so I'm killing two birds with one stone. Esoteric Circle is my favorite Garbarek record, and Rypdal plays on it. Blammo. It's harder-edged, more full-on, dissonant, improv-heavy jazz than the softer ECM sound with which both would soon be associated -- expect pounding drums, screeching sax, and jagged guitar stabs. Produced by George Russell.

Track listing:
1. Traneflight
2. Rabalder
3. Esoteric Circle
4. Vips
5. SAS 644
6. Nefertite
7. Gee
8. Karin's Mode
9. Breeze Ending

There were swallows

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  1. If you're considering requests, is there any chance you might post some more Milt Jackson at some point? No worries if not, but SUNFLOWER has been ruling my world since I checked it on here a few weeks ago. Great work with this blog, you've really turned me onto a bunch of great music. Cheers!

  2. Christ I never knew this even existed and Im a Rypdal fan but alas you have once again one upped me! Thanks for this lovely supplement of soul satisfying sonic delight!

  3. Please upload to mega