Monday, April 18, 2016

Barry Andrews - Haunted Box of Switches (2003)

First and only solo LP by Barry Andrews, ex-keyboardist and founding member of XTC. Idiosyncratic, pitch-black songs, composed entirely of piano and Andrews' sneering vocals. If The Residents were to make an album of piano and voice songs (have they?) it might sound like this.

Track listing:
1. God's Gardenias
2. Faded Flowers
3. Licking Honey from a Razor
4. Going Equipped
5. Into the Coal-Hole
6. Awake Too Long
7. Contract Song
8. Incredulous
9. Queen's Beast
10. This Big Hush
11. Going Through the Old Diary
12. Down the Pyramids

My crimes are many
My virtues few
I believe in so little and so do you

These are good, too:
Adrian Belew - Lone Rhino (1982)
David Sylvian - Blemish (2003)


  1. Wow! Really looking forward to listening to this.
    To show my thanks (if I may be so bold), here's a favourite of mine, his 2nd solo single from way back in 1980 Rossmore Road (tho' actually this is the 1981 reissue with a B-side by his shortlived 'Restaurant For Dogs' project). A better song about London street furniture I have not heard. Thanks again.

  2. Your zippy link is pointing to a forged web page that caused every broswer I tried to set off multiple alarms as well as the fake page forcibly attempting to download an executable program to my computer!!!

    1. Just checked on it, it's not a forged web page, it's a working link. It set off Chrome's alarm but once I clicked through everything worked as normal. Maybe this is some weird bullshit akin to Google not showing real search results for Kickass torrents? Hope this doesn't continue as about 98% of my links are on Zippyshare. Thanks for the heads-up.

    2. Yes, I found the same thing earlier today. It seems zippyshare is on a blacklist of some sort. The "red web-forgery screen" seems to be triggered arbitrarily; click once it appears, close and click same link again and it doesn't. Hopefully a temporary situation.

  3. Zippyshare posted this today on their blog:

    "Google Safe Browsing - April 19, 2016
    Hey folks, It seems that Google doesn’t like our current ads supplier and decided to flag the whole Zippyshare site as containing deceptive ads. Sweet, we are glad that they gave us a heads up… not! :)
    We just switched our ads provider and are waiting for Google to recheck the site."

    1. Yeah, after I posted the warning, I went to ZS main page and took a look at their blog thingy and saw what was up. HOWEVER, even after ignoring the warning and securing the download link, I was still hit with multiple new tabs opening in my browser to "Update Java" and other weirdness. In short, it seems that it is likely that Zippy is the victim of *some* link jacking and malware delivery vectors. Set your anti virus for real time analysis and be prepared to kill your browser in a hurry if an automatic download of a virus payload starts.
      I grabbed a copy of the Lycia from long ago today. I don't normally like this stuff, but since you do, I'm obligated. Thanks Boss.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I didn't want to buy the digital version without having listened through the whole arrangements first. "Faded Flowers" is without peer.