Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bosque - Nowhere (2013)

Haunting Portuguese funeral doom. Mournful, often melodic riffs; shimmering guitar textures; cavernous, choral vocals; and extremely simplistic drumming. Any potential 'prettiness' is offset by the record's evocative production -- utterly dry drums and distorted guitars mixed with lush, reverb-drenched vocals, clean guitars, and keys -- and the record's steady descent into pitch-black dissonance.

Track listing:
1. Lethargy
2. Crawling
3. Metamorphosis
4. Nothing

To the abyss
The true mirror

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  1. Bosque is always good. They did a split with Senthil, who in my opinion are one of the most disturbing bands, funeral doom or other, of all times. The guy behind Senthil (Plague) has another project called Nivathe that is equally amazing and disturbing. Actually, I've liked everything he has done. Black Bile is another of their ilk.

    Tangents! Apologies for the tangents.

    1. Plague was also in Vpaahsalbrox, who released one of my all-time favorite black metal demos, which you can grab here:

      (sorry for the spam)


    2. Haha, related blog links are just fine by me