Thursday, April 7, 2016

(V.E.G.A.) - Cocaine (2002)

Masterful industrial black metal. The sound and delivery are cacophonous and harsh, but the songs are thoughtfully constructed, with some surprisingly elegant, melancholic guitar lines. Thanks to illegal downloading and a blatantly drug-referencing title (guess I've always been a sucker for that kinda thing) Cocaine was one of the first black metal records I ever heard, and along with In the Nightside Eclipse and Under a Funeral Moon, it set a pretty high bar.

Track listing:
1. Lilja
2. Insex Infect
3. Perspectives
4. Beton 1
5. Burning in My Own Dream of Life
6. Consumed Seclusion
7. Beton 2
8. Kill Me
9. Marchin Off
10. Vacuum Era Gelid Atmosphere

I wish to liquify myself
Into streams of blood
Flowing on the borders of desert streets

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