Saturday, April 2, 2016

Minsk - Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive (2005)

I've been on a bit of a post-metal kick of late (sparked by an ongoing search for "store-friendly" metal) and Minsk has ended up on my shortlist for the best of the subgenre. Back when this came out, I dug it, but I kinda wrote them off as a Neurosis rip-off. My loss. Sure, it's clear that they love Through Silver in Blood and Times of Grace -- don't we all? -- but Minsk's approach is less sinister, more overtly psychedelic (and Eastern-influenced), and more singularly focused on creating massive, enveloping atmospheres and textures than on riffs.

Track listing:
1. Waging War on the Forevers
2. Narcotics and Dissecting Knives
3. Holy Flower of the Northstar
4. Three Hours
5. Bloodletting and Forgetting
6. Wisp of Tow

Gladly bound to an infinite end

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