Sunday, April 17, 2016

Herb Ernst - Dreamflight (1986)

Deeply meditative new age synth from Seattle composer Herb Ernst. Written and performed using only Synergy II Plus synthesizers and, I'm guessing, an enviable sense of inner peace.

Track listing:
1. Awakening Stars
2. Candlelighting
3. Sea Quest
4. Liquid Indigo
5. Celestial Descent
6. Celestial Ascent
7. Voyage Into Silence: a) The Voyage b) The Silence c) The Return

Warm snow, cold sun

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  1. Wow.. Herb crystal gazing Ernst! Its an oddball guilty pleasure his 1st cd of the trilogy of Dream Flights.....Nice one for those looking into transcendental candy flossed glossolalia with a drop of DMT for the sake of the machine elves!! Thanks!

  2. This is really gorgeous. Respect!