Friday, April 8, 2016

Fatso Jetson - Stinky Little Gods (1995)

Fatso Jetson's first record is a ridiculously entertaining mash-up of cowpunk, surf rock, and a bit of of sludge-y grunge. Meat Puppets are maybe the best reference point, but I'm definitely hearing some Tad in there, too, and maybe... Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet? I dunno surf rock, really. Factor in a sense of spontaneity and sardonic humor -- no "wackiness," though -- and you've got a real lost 90s gem on your hands.

Track listing:
1. Kettles of Doom
2. Joke Shop
3. Von Deuce
4. Captain Evil
5. Pressure for Posture
6. Nightmares Are Essential
7. Gargle
8. Salt Chunk Mary's
9. Highway 86
10. Corn on the Macabre

A firm piece of ass

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  1. Ah!! i was listening to a podcast suggested by YouTube the other week (might have been WTF)....anyways, the interviewee was Joshua Homme, and he was talking about these guys!!! One of the band was the guy who owned the generator that powered all the generator parties what kick-started the desert rock scene, and where Kyuss honed their craft.

  2. Yeah the lead singer is his buddy, you should totally listen to the desert sessions albums of QOTSA if you haven't already! He (Mario Lalli) makes a cameo in 5/6th one in the song "You Think I Ain´t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire" which got redone later in Songs For the Deaf.