Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Therapy? - Suicide Pact - You First (1999)

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To quote my last post about them: "Therapy? are at their best when they're at their noisiest and most inscrutable." This record is certainly those two things, but it's informed by the experimental quasi-pop that they'd dabbled with on their previous two records; there's a swagger under the pummeling, and vocalist Andy Cairns snarls, sneers, moans, and whispers his greatest performance on record. And when the bottom falls out on tracks like "Six Mile Water" and "God Kicks", it's goddamn devastating.

Track listing:
1. He's Not That Kind of Girl
2. Wall of Mouths
3. Jam Jar Jail
4. Hate Kill Destroy
5. Big Cave In
6. Six Mile Water
7. Little Tongues First
8. Ten Year Plan
9. God Kicks
10. Other People's Misery
11. Sister
12. [hidden track]

You were very young
When the law came to take you away
You had that stuff in your hair
Get you in trouble someday

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  1. Thank you for this. For some reason i tend to forget how good these guys are now and have been for the last 25 plus years. Thanks for the reminder