Monday, April 18, 2016

Necroart - The Opium Visions (2005)

Obscure Italian melodic death metal with folk and symphonic elements. The Opium Visions has a slightly rough feel -- an out-of-tune guitar here, some less-than-tight keyboard there -- but to me this is a plus, as this style of music often comes off as polished to a fault. Funniest lyric: "Come with your dark embrace / Pale as a pale caress." That's pretty damn pale. Reminds me of a line from Blackadder: "Disease and deprivation stalk our land like two giant stalking things."

Track listing:
1. The Crimson Minority
2. Le Fleur Noir
3. Necronova
4. Pandemonic Opium Night
5. Capricorn Years
6. A Visionary's Trip
7. Lullabye
8. L'Inverno Dell'Anima

The snake will bring me the secrets of death

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