Monday, April 11, 2016

Lordian Guard - Lordian Guard (1995)

Got a real treat for y'all tonight. Lordian Guard was a woefully short-lived heavy metal project composed of multi-instrumentalist William J. Tsamis and vocalist Vidonne Sayre-Riemenschneider. Their self-titled LP is a sublime collision of massively epic, prog-like cheese and ambitions (and chops to match) with homemade-sounding production involving a conspicuous drum machine, somewhat muffled guitars, slightly too-loud synths, and a vocalist whose dramatic yet understated performance reminds me more than a little of Marianne Faithful. Oh, and they're Christian, in an Old Testament, angry God kinda way. As far as I'm concerned, this is a fucking masterpiece.

Track listing:
1. War in Heaven
2. Winds of Thor
3. Lost Archangel
4. My Name Is Man
5. Revelation XIX
6. In Peace He Comes Again

The Adversary, he will fall
By the wrath of the everlasting God

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