Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Obtest - Tūkstantmetis (1997)

Lithuanian Pagan black metal with folk undertones. Driving, melodic riffs emanate from warm, fuzzed-out guitars, hoarse vocals, and a drum machine. Tūkstantmetis is the only record of Obtest's that I have heard, and I get the sense that their sound has changed rather significantly over the years, so I definitely can't vouch for their other stuff, but this one's solid gold.

Track listing:
1. Karo dvasia
2. Iš nualinto krašto (kai nieko nebelieka...)
3. Vilkalokiai
4. Tolstant krantams
5. 997
6. Mėnulio karūnos kautynės
7. Sakmė apie ugninę širdį
8. Amžiams...

The sea of snakes and souls

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