Friday, October 30, 2015

Jay Chattaway - Maniac OST (1980)

Horror soundtrack perfection, for an extremely unsettling movie, from American composer Jay Chattaway. Synths, synths, and more synths, occasionally mixed with a bit of live instrumentation,

Track listing:
1. Maniac's Theme (Main Titles)
2. Apocalypse New York
3. On the Beach
4. Hookers Heartbeat
5. A Little Knife Music
6. Inner Voices
7. Maniac Strikes Back
8. Blast Him
9. Blast Her
10. Window Shopping
11. Subway Terror
12. Goodbye Rita
13. Cemetery Chase
14. Cry for Mother
15. Mannequin's Revenge
16. Maniac's Theme (End Titles)

You think they don't know? They do. I heard it and I know. They all know.

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