Thursday, October 19, 2017

Moonshine - Moonshine (2005)

Inure - Inure (Rough Mixes) (2003)

Another amazing Baltimore band. Their sound lands somewhere between Grief and Burning Witch, with fucking vicious vocals by my old homie and bandmate Mis. Moonshine joined my old band for the last leg of our US tour in summer '05 and proceeded to made us look like amateurs every goddamn night.

(Don't be disheartened by the small file size; they're m4a's and sound great to me.)

Track listing:
1. Baby Elephant Stomp
2. White Smoker
3. Happy Ending
4. Thrice
5. Dead Ringer
6. While Supplies Last

My mind is a swollen sea and the fish swim dronefully in the thick memories

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Brainoil (2003)
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Diablero - Demo Tracks (2007)

Orion Rigel Dommisse - What I Want from You Is Sweet (2007)

Dark, cello-based folk from American musician Orion Rigel Dommisse. Layers and layers of cello and synths, with gently off-kilter vocal melodies sung in a sweet (perhaps sardonically so) lilt.

I generally try to avoid making assumptions about people's influences, as it's been done to me multiple times in reviews that have asserted that I'm influenced by artists who I've never even fucking heard of, and it's extremely frustrating. That being said, Dommisse is clearly a Rasputina fan, but she has a greater sense of subtlety, not to mention more palatable vocals.

Track listing:
1. Fake Yer Death
2. Alice and Sarah
3. Simon Sent for Me
4. A Faceless Death
5. Capricorn
6. Ashes from Your Burning Wood
7. Suicide Kiss (Because Dead)
8. A Giver
9. Little Neighbor
10. Drink Yourself (To Death)

The dead showed no one warmth

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Espers (2003)
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Mi and L'Au (2005)

raison d'être - Residuality (1993)

Swedish industrial dark ambient. Minimal synth lines, programmed rhythmic mantras, and spacious, drone- and sample-heavy atmospheres.

Track listing:
1. Decay (Version 2)
2. Carnificina
3. The Revival
4. Inquest
5. Decay (Version 1)
6. Enshrouding
7. Dissection (Version 2)
8. In Extremis
9. Dissection (Version 3-Edit)
10. Synopsis
11. Paragon Sequence
12. Intercourse in the Garden of Delight When Evil Suddenly Appear and Disappear
13. Hell Is Trembling, and the Gates of Death
14. Sub Specie Aeternitatis

Mesmerized in sorrow

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Monumentum - In Absentia Christi (1995)

Italian atmospheric gothic doom with strong psychedelic tendencies. A texturally lush, enveloping combination of sounds and styles that subtly shift and evolve with each song, thereby complimenting the record's narrative, cinematic feel. Plus, they cover/reinterpret Visage.

Track listing:
1. Battesimo: Nero Opaco
2. A Thousand Breathing Crosses
3. Consuming Jerusalem
4. Fade to Grey [Visage cover]
5. On Perspective of Spiritual Catharsis
6. Σελυνης αγγελος
7. From These Wounds
8. Terra Mater Orfanorum
9. Nephtali
10. La Noia

I saw Him drowning in my excrements
In the dim light of a no-consolation oracle

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Orama (2003)

Imperceptum - Aeons of Saturnine Desolation (2017)

Goddamn I can't believe I'm still awake. There's just so much great music to listen to, you know? For instance, here's some devastating German atmospheric blackened funeral doom. It's one of my favorite albums of the year, and it's free/name your price to download on bandcamp. And as you'd probably guess, you should probably grab the other two records he's put out this year while you're at it.

Track listing:
1. Cycle of Death and Creation
2. A Shattered Mind at the Edge of Reality
3. Far Beyond This Dying Universe
4. Aeons of Saturnine Desolation

Entering the domains of complete nonexistence

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The Stygian Black Beyond (2015)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Candelabrum - Necrotelepathy (2016)

Eerie Portuguese lo-fi atmospheric black metal. A poisonous mist of keyboard and muddy guitars with a tormented specter overhead, howling in the trees. Definitely would have made my year-end black metal list if I had been aware of its existence.

Track listing:
1. Necrotelepathy Part I - Distance Voices in the Darkest Night
2. Necrotelepathy Part II - Prayers for the Damnation of Man

Conspiring with the dead for eternal damnation

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Songs for the Apocalipse (2005)
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Semper Dolens (2015)

Colin Towns - Full Circle (1978)

Evocative piano- and synth-based music for a horror movie that I've never seen. Love how ambient sound clips from the movies are utilized to create an immersive, narrative listen.

Track listing:
1. Full Circle (Main Theme) / The Park
2. Have You Got a Magnificent Problem? (Inside the Mental Home)
3. 'Pretty Men Are Very Receptive' (The Seance)
4. Kate (Opening Sequence)
5. Olivia
6. Love Scene
7. 'Magnus' - The Unwelcome Intrusion
8. Full Circle (Everything's Right Now)

The haunting of Julia

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The Beyond (1981)
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Accanto al Cimitero

Monday, October 16, 2017

Root - The Temple in the Underworld (1992)

Czech old-school black/heavy metal. Epic, occult riff-fests with powerful, dynamic vocals ranging from a deep baritone to a throaty, emotive midrange to a disgusted rasp. Root is by no means an obscure band, but I'm sure at least a few of you have slept on 'em, so lucky you, you get to hear 'em for the first time right now!

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Casilda's Song
3. The Temple in the Underworld
4. Aposiopesis
5. The Solitude
6. Voices from...
7. The Wall
8. The Old Ones
9. Message
10. My Name...

I rush through purple mist
Fury in my eyes, beast of prey's look
I make my way through shrubs of skeletons
My target is just round the corner

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Rites of the Black Mass (1991)
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of the Souther Circle

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Druid - Vampire Cult (1989) + Four Curses (1986)

Kickass obscure US heavy metal. Ample gated reverb and delay give Vampire Cult a kult, eerie sound that's reinforced by stuff like the droning feedback solo at the end of "Word of the Lord". And, obviously, the album cover's one for the history books. In conclusion, I fucking love this record and you should, too. Plus, I'm gonna throw in the Four Curses EP cause why the hell not.

Track listing:
-Vampire Cult-
1. Word of the Lord
2. Time of Trial
3. Twin Towers
4. Brand New Messiah
5. The Jokes (Take the Thrashers Surfing)
6. Claws
7. Blast from the Past
8. Nitemare
9. The Highwayman
10. Dark Travel
11. Crossover
-Four Curses-
1. The Robber
2. Forced Entry
3. Legion (The Exorcist)
4. Godsend

The devil ripped my ear off and ate it

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Various Artists - The Films of Jean Rollin (1994)

Just re-watched The Living Dead Girl (aka La Morte Vivante) in all of its bloodsoaked glory, and I've been meaning to post this forever, so what better time than now? From dark psych to plaintive piano to synth-y creepers, they're all winners. I've only seen three of the movies -- Le Frisson des Vampires, Fascination, and the above -- and as far as self-serious, stiltedly acted, boob- and blood-filled French horror goes, they're all winners, too.

Track listing:
1. Génèrique
2. Le Château
3. Angoisse Temporelle
4. Samba des Vampires
5. Doux Réveil
6. La Cité Rouge
7. Envos Vers la Folie
8. Génèrique
9. Génèrique 2
10. Françoise Chante
11. Ville d'Amiens
12. Bruits et Voix dans In Cemetie
13. Fascination
14. La Valse Grinçante
15. La Vaise du Château
16. Apparation du Château
17. L'Amour des Deux Filles
18. L'Intérieur des Ecuries
19. La Morte Vivante
20. La Découverte du Château
21. Boîte à Musique
22. Frottement
23. Dans la Crypt
24. Bai Slow
25. Le Suicide
26. Perdue dans New York
27. Dialogue des Duex Filles
28. Thème à la Flûte De Pan
29. Poursuite dans New York
30. Dans Peul
31. Scene sur la Toit
32. New Jersey
33. Chœur Petites Filles
34. Chinatown
35. Banc-Titre Avec Thème
36. Pont de Brooklyn

It's awful. Those bodies over there.

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Integrati... Disintegrati (1977)

Exsanguinate - The Black Acts (2002)

Death industrial/power electronics from Thomas Garrison, aka Control. Currently loving the image of this insanity blasting out my living room stereo while my cat sleeps belly up in my lap.

Track listing:
1. Punishment for All Crimes
2. Two Thousand Volts
3. A Torturous End
4. The Mazzatello
5. The Final Hour
6. Punishing the Dead
7. Science of Hanging
8. Dissident Asylum
9. Peine Forte et Dure
10. Skellingtons Gyves
11. Beneath the Gallows
12. The Black Acts
13. Silence and Separation

The need to kill

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Schloss Tegal -
The Grand Guignol (1993)
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Fissures (2013)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gaoth - Dying Season's Glory (2016)

Irish epic atmospheric black metal. Lushly layered, breathtakingly beautiful odes to autumn and the death of all things.

Track listing:
1. Autumnal Breath
2. Weeping of the Fens
3. Gaoth
4. Will of Mountains
5. Waning of the Years
6. Where Leaves Depart
7. Astral Paths
8. Dying Season's Glory
9. The Burning Horizon

We are all bound to the wheel

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Black Clouds Gathering (2013)
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Roots (2013)

Crown of Bone & Burial Ground - Hellraiser: A Tribute (2012)

A collaboration between two Pinhead-and-company-loving US noise artists. A pair of impenetrable monoliths of piercing harsh noise, with a few samples from the first two Hellraiser movies to let you know what's up. If done correctly, listening to this has been known to summon the cenobites, who then drag the listener to hell, where he or she is tortured in various unfathomably excruciating ways until the line between pleasure and pain is permanently erased and, in certain cases, the listener actually becomes a cenobite.

Track listing:
1. Hellraiser
2. Hellbound

We have eternity to know your flesh

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The Pissmop LP (2009)
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Ain Soph - I (1984)

Italian lo-fi industrial horror drone royalty. Slow-burning fogs of dissonant synth, echoing moans, funeral knells, various creepy SFX, stuff like that. Scary shit. Guaranteed vibe killer, unless the vibe you're going for is, "chained to a wall in a dark, damp dungeon."

Five tracks, titled "I" through "V"

Feasting the nightsoil communion

Similarly unsettling sounds:
Dtxenioutha (2003)
Funerary Call -
Nightside Emanations (2012)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ghast - May the Curse Bind (2008)

Welsh black/doom. Misanthropic and punishing, with disgusted vocals and the kind of fucked-up, butt-simple sludge riffs that make me say "Uhh! (Uhh!) Na-na na-na! (Na-na Na-na!") WOW that's a really dumb thing to write.

Regarding download problems: It only seems to be affecting files uploaded since the 10th (i.e. it's not erasing all my old files) so I'm hoping it's just a weird glitch that'll be fixed soon. Pretty goddamn annoying, though. Keep letting me know when links go down, and def tell me if you know of a site aside from Mediafire and Zippyshare with free unlimited storage. Thank you, my disgusting, unwanted children.

Track listing:
1. Crawl, Blighted and Afraid
2. Give Your Wrists
3. Evoke Spiritless Hell
4. Pale Robe
5. Hexed Under Moon

The sound of the knives counterpoints the sobbing and moaning

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Dark Path to His Throne (2009)
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We, as Shadows of Satan (2010)

Pentagram Home Video - Who's Out There? (2014)

Pentagram Home Video is a London-based producer who creates dark, synth-based soundtracks to movies that never existed. According to the plot summary on his bandcamp, Who's Out There? would be a rip-off of the original Terminator if it, y'know, were an actual movie.

Track listing:
1. Pentagram Home Video Ident
2. Vision 1 / The Ocean
3. Opening Titles
4. Reel 2 / "Who's Out There?"
5. Vision 2 / The Beginning
6. Reel 4 / Across 10 Blocks
7. Reel 6 / Heavy Leather
8. Vision 3 / Night
9. The Pursuit
10. A Powerful Hallucinogen
11. End Credits

Do you think you'll ever be free?

More 80s horror-synth revivalists:
Zombie Zombie -
A Land for Renegades (2008)
Protector 101 -
Protector 101 (2011)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tenebrae in Perpetuum / Krohm - Tenebrae in Perpetuum / Krohm [Split] (2010)

Evoken - Embrace the Emptiness (1998)
Beatrik - Journey Through the End of Life (2002)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum - Onori Funebri Rituali (2003)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum - L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio (2009)
Ritual Chamber - The Pits of Tentacled Screams (2013)

A phenomenal split between a pair of phenomenal black metal solo projects. As always, Tenebrae in Perpetuum does everything right -- raw but massive sounding guitars and drums, spectral, reverb-drenched howls, simplistic but extremely effective songwriting -- and this split contains some of the project's most haunting work.

Krohm is the work of Dario Derna, whose past and present projects have included Drawn and Quartered, Evoken, Funebrarum, and Ritual Chamber. Sickly, interwoven guitar lines, drum machine, and intermittent death rattles.

Track listing:
-Tenebrae in Perpetuum-
1. I
2. II
3. III
4. The Black Bridge
5. Toccato Dalla Desecrazione
6. Sentinel Monolith

I rained down as a silent sound
From abysmal skies that owned my torment

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Penumbral Inorgantia (2005)
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