Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blodulv - Kristkrossare (2003)

Swedish raw black metal. A pure distillation of the essence of second-wave black metal, without a single attempt to modernize, inject dynamic, or otherwise compromise their sound. They've been criticized for being generic, but #1, that's never been a problem for me, and #2, that's exactly what they're going for, so I'm not sure that it qualifies as a critique.

Track listing:
1. Kristkrossare
2. Waffen Blodulv 666
3. Nordhornens Skugga
4. Muspels Soner
5. Traldom i Frostgrepp
6. Satans Skogar
7. The Weeds of Satan

Menacing dark relentless

Mors Liberatrix -
Beholding from the Tower (2003)
Unhuman Disease -
Black Creations of Satan (2009)

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