Sunday, June 18, 2017

Anal Bag - Ultimate Digust (2011)

Utterly unmusical gorenoise annihilation. Having heard this, I now understand what it feels like to be peppered with bullets from a machine gun while half-submerged in shit-water.

Track listing:
1. DT
2. Dude with Vagina on His Back ("Watch Your Back" Has New Meaning)
3. Humiliation with Public Castration
4. Liquid Tissue Consumption
5. New Kind of Mutation
6. Oh... This Is Not a Woman...
7. Pig Swimming in Smegma
8. Pigsty
9. Rotting Hate
10. Sperm in the Brain
11. Squirt for спирт
12. The Cunt Hunter
13. Whores with Dicks
14. Untitled 1
15. Untitled 2
16. Untitled 3
17. Untitled 4
18. Untitled 5

A walk in the park

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