Thursday, June 29, 2017

Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene (2014)

Obliterating, heavy-as-fuck Australian grindcore. Had the pleasure of playing a show with these dudes a few years ago, letting them use our total POS drum set, and watching them completely annihilate a small, packed room.

Track listing:
1. Muciferous
2. Blessed with Light
3. Bamboo Spine
4. Long Pig
5. Sex Everywhere
6. Mental Hygiene
7. True Remorse
8. Opened from Inside
9. Nose in Neck
10. Beamer
11. Chalk Tooth
12. Eyelids
13. Lashed with Viscera
14. Teeth Eating
15. Lingchin
16. Head on a Stick
17. Morons, Infidels, and Fools
18. Hodgkinson St.
19. Hit and Run
20. Riddled with Rage

Pig teeth

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  1. 1. I. Freaking. Love. This. Album.

    2. We gotta know: What band/s are/have you been in?

  2. lmao this is hands down the best metal album artwork I've ever seen.
    do you know the story behind it?