Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Philip Jeck - Loopholes (1995)

Excellent first record from English experimental electronic producer Philip Jeck. Hazy, textural, blissfully warped sounds that skew towards ambient, with extended diversions into highly abstract, beat-driven IDM. Hoo boy, this here's a good 'un.

Track listing:
1. Casio
2. Anatomy
3. Louie's Riddle
4. Ulster Autumn
5. PS One
6. Harry and Krishna
7. PS Two
8. The Christian Sink
9. The Frequent Pool
10. Incassum, Casio

I just wanted to know

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  1. Looking forward to hearing it. Great blog too!

  2. You should check out Surf by Jeck. It's super intense. There's a track on there with a recording of someone dying while someone else comforts them in the transition. Spooky and painful.

    1. Oh I've heard it, pretty goddamn harrowing