Monday, May 29, 2017

We™ - As Is. (1997)

Tripped-out, mostly downtempo electronic sounds courtesy of NYC-based squad We™. Ambient, textural synths, dub-y atmospherics, sample fragments, and a lotta breakbeats. When I'm sick (which I am now, with the same cough/cold that like everyone I know has had for the past two weeks) warped, uneasy electro is my go-to, so here we are.

Track listing"
1. Magnesium Flares
2. Ease-In
3. Believe Porpoise
4. Dyed Camel Skins
5. Flutesque
6. In Time
7. Violinstoid
8. 3/10th of the Population
9. Shape Wipe
10. Lillie
11. Tombs and Tombs Only
12. New Agent
13. Ss/sadness-88

You gone?

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  1. Many thanks; owned this years ago, but the CD got cracked before I got around to digitizing it at all...