Thursday, May 18, 2017

Men's Recovery Project - Frank Talk About Humans (1995)

Hostile, ingenious experimental punk/noise rock. Juxtaposes drum-machined fueled noisecore against synth pieces, absurdist/satirical spoken word, and more. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

Track listing:
1. Clark in My Car
2. Homo?
3. Slap on Some Pants
4. They Found My Naked Body by the River
5. All Music Is Shit to God
6. Frank Talk About Mutants
7. Problem?
8. Domestic Phone Call
9. Explanation of Head Troubles
10. Smokin' That Magic Rock
11. Eating Contest
12. Ugly Interracial Couple
13. Frank Talk About Mutants, Also

Did you hurt your head?

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  1. I used to have this. The same people who did Tit Wrench, a project I was quite fond of once. This release is pretty patchy but probably intentionally so. "All Music is Shit to God" is a song I've remembered since.

    In other news - been following this blog for about a year now. Very good work, been discovering some great music. Thank you very much.

  2. I love these guys. Everything Sam McPheeters did was fantastic (Born Against, Wrangler Brutes). Perfect blend of sardonic and nonsensical humor.

  3. That review lit up my curiosity, i'm getting this one.

  4. Good stuff. Would you have Bolides Over Basra or their Best of?

    1. I have Bolides, will post a link when I get home

    2. Whoops, just remembered about this, here ya go:

  5. Many thanks! Liars made a reference to the album as an influence on quietus.