Monday, May 15, 2017

Tjolgtjar - Kjal Tjormejn (2012)

Bizarre, super-raw US psychedelic black metal. Truly fucked-up music that was clearly recorded through a severe drug haze. The world of Tjolgtjar is a confusing one, but why try to wade into it with their most accessible release? Let's just dive right the fuck in with Kjal Tjormejn, a single, linear, 43-minute fever dream.

One track, titled "Kjal Tjormejn"

A Satanic orgy

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  1. I want this album just for the cover

  2. Yes!!! best USBM ever, new album is a fantastic swan song

    1. Hell yeah, might be their best yet!

    2. JR still hits me up every now and then with a rambling phone call where he switches between impressions of Shaq, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Jindal and Bugs Bunny... dude is the greatest