Sunday, May 14, 2017

Natron - Hung Drawn & Quartered (1997)

Italian technical brutal death. Goddamn, shit like this is SO much radder without sound replacement, triggers, 400 punch-ins per song, and whatever else makes so much modern tech-death sound like it was created by a computer.

Track listing:
1. Elmer the Exhumer
2. Enthroned in Repulsion
3. Leechlord
4. Flesh of a Sick Virgin
5. The Stake Crawlers
6. Undead Awaken
7. Heretics Consume the Deceased
8. Morgue Feast

Stinking flesh swarm taints my sleep

Deranged -
High on Blood (1998)
Ingrowing -
Cyberspace (1998)


  1. Holy balls this rules. Great find.

  2. god fucking damn this slays