Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fania All-Stars - Spanish Fever (1978)

A salsa-disco hybrid that could make a dead man dance. I was having a kinda shitty day at the ol' record graveyard until my coworker put on this lil' slice of heaven. Spanish Fever is a lot heavier on the disco front than the other records of theirs that I've heard, so I wouldn't be surprised if fans consider it their "sellout" record or whatever, but I've got fucking Spanish Fever-fever, man.

Track listing:
1. Spanish Fever
2. Que Pasa?
3. Space Machine (Ride, Ride, Ride)
4. Your Sereneness
5. Coro Miyare
6. Donde
7. Te Pareces a Judas
8. Sin Tu Cariño

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  1. This is a life changing blog! It's in my top 5 of music blogs. I've been enjoying the ambient, new age, synth and avant-garde jazz posts, and what do I see here? An album with one of my favorite salsa songs of all time: Sin Tu Cariño, by the great Rubén Blades! Excellent! Thanks a lot!