Monday, July 28, 2014

Claudia - Reza, Tambor E Raça (1977)

Cool, joyful fusion of soul, funk, and salsa. Get up on it.

Track listing:
1. Reza, Tambor E Raça
2. Soy Latino Americano
3. Glorioso Santo Antônio
4. Poeta do Medo
5. Pororoca
6. Lua Negra
7. Apenas Um Rapaz Latino Americano
8. O Cavaleiro E Os Moinhos
9. Vai Baby (Peter Gunn)
10. 2ª Feira
11. Homem E Mulher
12. Ana Cor de Cana

Head first


  1. hey man, i wanted to email you this, but couldn't find any listed. i see you post a lot of nu age, so here is one i posted over at my spot today ~ raphael // music to disappear in released in 88 on hearts of space, so you know what's up.

  2. I thought I would mention it somewhere that you would see it but not the other dude... It appears to me that the blog on your list "spookCityusa" might be putting trojans in his downloads, a file listed as a jam he put together to listen to in the summer on his porch while he smoked pot, did some fucked up shit, which surprised me because it seemed to me it was on zippy, i was taking very little notice of it till i unrared it. I recall the the zippy window popped up when i clicked on the mid sized picture by the text. S.C.

  3. clearly the most effective way to rectify this issue is to call me out on some other person's blog. also, why the fuck would i do that?

    ps lovin yr blog bb!