Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Richard Buckner - Since (1998)

Next to Nick Drake, Richard Buckner is the best artist that I've discovered via a Volkswagen commercial. Since is the kind of beautiful, raw, scatterbrained album that is destined to alienate many, and make lifelong fans of a few.

Track listing:
1. Believer
2. Faithful Shooter
3. Ariel Ramirez
4. Jewelbomb
5. The Ocean Cliff Clearing
6. Goner w/ Souvenir
7. Slept
8. Pico
9. Coursed
10. Lucky Buzz
11. 10-Day Room
12. Brief & Boundless
13. Raze
14. Hand @ the Hem
15. Boys, the Night Will Bury You
16. Once

I kept your poem here
With all my other gear
But in the end
I missed what it meant

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