Monday, June 30, 2014

Nailbomb - Point Blank (1994) + Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide (1995)

Nailbomb was a short-lived side project of Max Cavalera of Sepultura (and a bunch of shitty bands) and Alex Newport of the perennially underrated Fudge Tunnel. Point Blank is their only studio album, and it's fucking brutal. It's a great mix of sludgy industrial pain and straight-ahead, heavy thrash/groove metal. Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide, a well-recorded live album, documents Nailbomb's first and last show, and tacks on a couple of previously unreleased studio tracks. Awesomely, they cover Doom's "Expolitation" and Dead Kennedys' "Police Truck". I couldn't decide which record to post -- Point Blank is way more essential, but Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide is harder to find -- so I went with both.

Track listing:
-Point Blank-
1. Wasting Away
2. Vai Toma No Co
3. 24-Hour Bullshit
4. Guerillas
5. Blind and Lost
6. Sum of Your Achievements
7. Cockroaches
8. For Fuck's Sake
9. World of Shit
10. Exploitation
11. Religious Cancer
12. Shit Piñata
13. Sick Life
-Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide-
1. Wasting Away
2. Guerillas
3. Cockroaches
4. Vai Toma No Cu
5. Sum of Your Achievements
6. Religious Cancer
7. Police Truck [Dead Kennedys cover]
8. Exploitation [Doom cover]
9. World of Shit
10. Blind and Lost
11. Sick Life
12. While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World
13. Zero Tolerance

Throw it all away and destroy it all


  1. Muito obrigado brother!! Representou mesmo!! Sonzeira!!

  2. Valeu pela discografia

  3. Thank you brother!

  4. Hey any of you guys seen Max Caballero s painted art drum heads he made on his last tour! He painted 1 drum head for each of his shows on the last tour he did! Really cool!