Thursday, June 26, 2014

Klaus Schulze - Shadowlands (2013)

Synth music legend Klaus Schulze's forty-first solo studio album. Two and a half hours of pulsing synths punctuated by Thomas Kagermann's violin, flute, and vocals, as well as vocal contributions from Lisa Gerrard, Australian singer Julia Messenger, and femme fatale Chrysta Bell, whose album I posted the other day. At such a length, and with only subtle variation in sound, Shadowlands undoubtedly requires patience, but, given the proper mindset, it can take you to strange and beautiful places.

Track listing:
-Disc One-
1. Shadowlights
2. In Between
3. Licht und Schatten
-Disc Two-
1. The Rhodes Violin
2. Tibetan Loops

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  1. Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo enorme que signifíca tener esta colección musical para compartirla con todo mundo.
    Un fuerte abrazo al moderador.
    Su amigo Juan Carlos Caballero

  2. Hacía tiempo que tenía aparcado a este buen hombre, pero he vuelto a desempolvarlo y ya me introduzco en sus nuevas cosas, mismo feeling que antaño; Muchas gracias por este disco... y la Gerrard, Mamma Mia!!!