Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Steve Tibbetts - The Fall of Us All (1994)

The Fall of Us All is the album that introduced me to the wondrous world of Steve Tibbetts, and it's still probably my favorite in his catalogue, as well as his darkest, most intense album. The first half of the album is all thunderous percussion, wailing guitars, and wordless choral vocals, then the bottom falls out, and the music slow burns through to the brilliant, wandering "Travel Alone".

Track listing:
1. Dzogchen Punks
2. Full Moon Dogs
3. Nyemma
4. Formless
5. Roam and Spy
6. Hellbound Train
7. All for Nothing
8. Fade Away
9. Drinking Lesson
10. Burnt Offering
11. Travel Alone

Burning temple

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  1. The world of Steve Tibbetts is opening up to me. Thanks for your efforts.