Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inferi - Shores of Sorrow (2006)

Slow, melancholic Finnish black metal. Simple drum patterns, tortured vocals, and thick layers of acoustic, clean, and distorted guitars. Very much in tune with the Burzum school of black metal. Great music for sitting around wallowing in the infinite misery of human life, or just for listening to while you get high.

Track listing:
1. To the Once So Sad World
2. Dance of Shadows
3. Burned
4. What Once Shined

Surfin' on down to the shores of sorrow


  1. Repetition goes a long way with me. So this scores big. That I'm still recovering from having my skull crushed by Pelican last week makes it score even bigger. Immense. Thank you.

  2. For fans of Abyssic Hate, Ars Diavoli or Sterbend is this record a must.