Saturday, June 14, 2014

Millie Jackson - It Hurts So Good (1973)

I've had a bunch of shit going on, not the least of which is graduating from ye olde community college, so the dumb music blog has gone on the backburner. But while I have a minute, here's an excellent gem of melancholic but funky old school soul.

Track listing:
1. I Cry
2. Hypocrisy
3. Two-Faced World
4. It Hurts So Good
5. Don't Send Nobody Else
6. Hypocrisy (Reprise)
7. Good to the Very Last Drop
8. Help Yourself
9. Love Doctor
10. Now That You Got It
11. Close My Eyes
12. Breakaway (Reprise)

Cause, baby, these things you're doing to me
It hurts so bad but it's worth all the misery


  1. Thanks. Lots of gems on this site.

  2. Pls tell me something just like her.
    Im diggin so hard.

    1. Hmm, I dunno. You heard Ann Peebles? Not *just* like her but really good. Maybe I'll post her soon