Saturday, June 7, 2014

Unholy Crucifix - Black Mass Metal (2012)

Simplistic, raw, beastly black metal. Nearly constant blasting and tremolo picking, caveman riffs, ghoulish vocals. Tracks 1-9 are studio tracks, the rest are even rawer rehearsal tracks. And unfortunately, as much as I wanted it to be, the last track is not a Pink Floyd cover.

Track listing:
1. Introcation Ceremony
2. Black Mass Metal
3. Iniquity Flames
4. Ram
5. Defiled Temples
6. Befoulment of Sacrament
7. Ritual
8. Impurity Crown
9. Chaosatanic Outromancy
10. Desecration Priest
11. Ritual
12. Befoulment of Sacrament
13. Sadosatyrical Slavegoat
14. Impurity Crown
15. In the Flesh

Nurture the entrails of sacrificed children
Pentagram blaze in the heavens
Conjuration of damnation and blackness
Angel rapes angel in the pit of desecration

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