Monday, June 9, 2014

Steven R. Smith - Owl (2008)

Grainy, droning guitars and simple but forceful vocals. Humid, ritualistic sounds for nature worship.

Track listing:
1. Across the Flats
2. The Pity of All Things
3. Bindery
4. Whistling
5. The Tree King
6. Cleft
7. O, Blessed Night Your Sunrise Has Burned Me Down
8. In Light
9. Upon

This is the world we know


  1. You have a cool, eclectic batch of tunes on this site. Totally digging the Steven R. Smith and the Steve Tibbetts material. And the punk Fits album...that's the kind of assortment I dig! Thanks so much for the shares.

  2. This is pretty psychedelic, kinda reminds me of spiritualized. Love the 60s sounding guitar

  3. Thank you, I love stuff like this.