Friday, June 20, 2014

Gigan - The Order of the False Eye (2008)

Chaotic, dissonant tech-death. Don't be fooled, though, as Gigan's style of tech-death is way less about trying to wow you with pointless displays of technical prowess (read: noodling) than it is about generating a gigantic, swirling, cacophonous atmosphere of clashing, slippery riffs and quasi-melodies. Features Erik Hersemann (ex-Hate Eternal) on bass, guitars, and synths.

Track listing:
1. Undead Auditory Emanations
2. Occult Rites of the Uumpluuy
3. Still Image Symphony
4. Imprisoned within Duality
5. Hiding Behind the House of Mirrors
6. Chrysalis
7. Interstellar Inversion of Consciousness
8. Space Coffin Hallucinations
9. [Secret track, sshhhh, don't tell!!!]

In the tentacled grasp of a buried behemoth


  1. ehm, link down...


  2. okay, so i am intrigued by some of your descriptions and just DL'd some of what i was calling "your morbid looking stuff" (plus 'Hiding behind the house of mirrors' is just a cool song title)... whatever... I'll try some of your morbid looking stuff..
    Say speaking of liking your strange taste in music, I bet you have that first and second album of 'Urban Sax' ... like 1976 and 1977 release dates if i remember right.... i cannot find good bit rate rips of them.

    1. Good guess, I do have them haha. I'm less concerned with bit rate than some, so I'm not sure what qualifies as a good bit rate in your book. I have the first in 256 and the second in 192.

      Also, should you end up liking this Gigan album, I posted another one of theirs more recently that's more overtly psychedelic, and you should check it out: