Friday, March 14, 2014

Fudge Tunnel - Hate Songs in E Minor (1991)

Groovy, noisy, sludgy aural hatred from Fudge Tunnel. Unfortunate moniker, great band. Cut your skin, eat fecal matter, pound vodka, and make sweet, sweet love.

Track listing:
1. Hate Song
2. Bed Crumbs
3. Spanish Fly
4. Kitchen Belt
5. Hate Song (Version)
6. Boston Baby
7. Gut Rot
8. Soap and Water
9. Tweezers
10. Sunshine of Your Love
11. Cat Scratch Fever

Good kicking

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  1. Sweet!! Your blog is my go to when mom and kid are out shopping. Saw Fudge Tunnel way back in 93 in SF. Unfortunately they signed to a major and they tried to shape them into a "grunge" style band.