Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lightnin' Hopkins - Lightnin' Strikes (1962)

Hands-down, my favorite blues album. There are a couple of (awesome) full band tracks, but it's mostly just the man and his guitar, wailing his pain into the night sky. It's stripped down, the recording's blown out, and ample use of reverb gives the whole affair a haunted, nocturnal feel. So good it hurts.

Track listing:
1. Got Me a Louisiana Woman
2. Want to Come Home
3. Please Don't Quit Me
4. Devil Is Watching You
5. Rolling and Rolling
6. War Is Starting Again
7. Walkin' Round in Circles
8. Mary Lou
9. Heavy Snow
10. Coon Is Hard to Catch

There ain't nothin' that the Devil can't do


  1. Been addicted to your blog for a year now but you should kindly try to upload more blues, cheers!

    1. Was actually thinking the same thing myself, stay tuned!

  2. Million thanks, this is superb album :)